When Democrats Thwart the Constitution, it’s Called a “Workaround”

For two years now, we’ve been told by our masters in the mainstream media that the presidency of Donald Trump represents an ongoing, shifting, constant constitutional crisis. Whether he’s banning Muslims from the U.S., caging children at the border, or building a wall with his own two hands, Trump’s mustache-twirling villainy is always just one step away from taking the U.S. Constitution and throwing it into the eternal fires of damnation. You’d think, with this constant assault on our nation’s guiding document, we’d be living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia by now. Somehow, we’re trucking along. God knows how!

But it’s interesting, isn’t it? When Trump or the Republicans attempt to do something that might, in one imagined universe or another, be deemed “unconstitutional” (such as pass laws restricting abortion), the media goes into an all-out feeding frenzy. The ACLU files a lawsuit. Constitutional scholars climb out of the woodwork to provide ominous quotes for The New York Times. But when Democrats try to do something that is, by any reasonable observer’s account, an assault on the Constitution, why, it’s just fine. It’s ingenious! It’s a master class in (the good kind of) populism.

Just look how NPR frames this story:

An attempt at an Electoral College workaround is gaining momentum in the Mountain West.

Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico are pushing ahead with legislation to pledge their 14 collective electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote — no matter who wins each state.

The plan only goes into effect if the law passes in states representing an electoral majority. That threshold is 270 votes, which is the same number needed to win the presidency.

Democrats have been stung by the fact that President Trump’s victory marked the second time in five cycles that a Democrat lost the presidency while winning the popular vote. 2016 was the most egregious example, with Hillary Clinton winning 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, but losing the election. It was the largest margin ever for someone who won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College.

So, because Democrats are upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t win, they’re going to throw our elections process into chaos, ignore the Constitution, and just start doing things however they want to do them. And where, pray tell, are our ominous quotes about what the Founders intended? Where is the hemming and hawing about how this will lead to tyrannical rule of the majority? No, it’s nowhere to be found. We’re told it’s a “workaround.” A cool, perfectly democratic way to make sure the Voice of the People is heard.

How about that.

Written by Andrew

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