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Beto O’Rourke Says American Wealth Must Be “Broken Apart”

Only a few days after telling an El Paso crowd that their city was safe not because of border laws but because it was filled with illegal immigrants and refugees, presidential contender Beto O’Rourke is rushing to the left even more quickly than his democratic socialist competition.

In a startling tweet on Saturday, the former Texas Senate candidate advocated for mass redistribution policies that sound every bit as extreme as anything Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren have ever proposed.

“The unprecedented concentration of wealth, power and privilege in the United States must be broken apart,” O’Rourke tweeted. “Opportunity must be fully shared with all. We must all have the opportunity to succeed. Together. As one country.”

Because O’Rourke has offered very little in the way of policy specifics, it’s impossible to know what exactly he’s proposing with this message. Is he just pandering to the Twitter crowd in an effort to steal some of Bernie’s spotlight? Does he simply mean that all that “power and privilege” must be “broken apart” by protests and rhetoric? Or is he really advocating some form of legislation that would wreck the economy via Robin Hood taxation?

Does HE even know what he’s talking about?

While anyone suggesting redistribution policies should be watched like a hawk, some on Twitter found Beto’s newfound “enemy of capitalism” routine to be just a little bit ironic.

“Have you told your wealthy father-in-law of your plans, Comrade?” one user wrote.

“Lucky for Beto his billionaire father-in-law isn’t on Twitter,” said another.


This actually wasn’t the only opportunity Twitter users had to mock the once-and-future Robert Francis O’Rourke. While not necessarily his fault, the Associated Press reported over the weekend that O’Rourke had spoken to supporters in El Paso “in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers.” It is of course a longrunning source of mirth among Beto’s critics that he is a fourth-generation Irish-American; his childhood nickname is thought to be a cynical (if apparently effective) attempt to give himself Hispanic bona fides that he doesn’t actually have.

A fake Spanish Communist with an affection for illegal immigrants?

Not sure Trump has anything to worry about.

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