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Kamala Harris: We Need More Illegal Immigrants Working in Congress

It is going to be a trip watching the 933 Democratic candidates push past each other to make Americans believe that they are the most extreme liberals in the land. By the end of this lengthy campaign season, we would not be surprised to see Bernie Sanders proudly waving the hammer & sickle and handing out copies of Mao’s Little Red Book. The guy that was way further to the left than anyone else in 2016 is suddenly an almost-mainstream candidate in the Democratic Party of 2019. And that’s because every other Democrat in the field is doing cartwheels and handstands to impress voters with their hard-left credentials.

Take Sen. Kamala Harris, who has just come out with a new piece of legislation apparently intended to make her the clear frontrunner in the “illegal immigrants are people, too” lane of the race. Together with Sens. Dick Durbin and Catherine Cortez-Masto, Harris is sponsoring a bill that would make Dreamers eligible to work on Capitol Hill as either staffers or interns for Congress.

Forget about proposing serious ideas to solve the crisis at the border. Forget about finding avenues of compromise with Republicans. Forget about getting serious about a problem that is threatening to doom this country’s economic and cultural future. No, forget all that. Let’s let illegal immigrants work in the Capitol Building. That’ll help.

“The giant sign outside my office says ‘DREAMers Welcome Here’ because we know and value the contributions that these young people have made to their communities,” Harris said in a statement. “Government works best when it reflects the people it represents.”

Uh-huh. So the U.S. government represents illegal immigrants now? That’s who our elected officials should reflect back to us? People who aren’t even eligible to vote?

As far as we’re concerned, Harris demonstrated exactly how much she cares about the plight of the Dreamers when she voted against a compromise bill that would have offered them amnesty in exchange for wall funding. She, like many of her Democrat friends, think they can somehow strong-arm the Republicans into legalizing millions of illegal immigrants for absolutely nothing in return. You can call these people Dreamers, helpless children, or the Bright Stars of Tomorrow, it doesn’t really matter. They are illegally in this country and that’s the bottom line. If Harris wants to rescue them, she’s going to need to prove that she’s serious about cracking down on illegal immigration.

Either that, or Democrats will have to win enormous majorities in the House and the Senate along with taking the White House in 2020. So, good luck with that.

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