School Turns Oppression Olympics Into a Real Classroom Assignment

It’s been a running joke to accuse the left of encouraging and engaging in a sporting event known as the Oppression Olympics, wherein an individual can “win” the right to be the Most Victimized (which is another way of saying the right to be right) by scoring the most points on the Privilege Scale.

For instance, if you’re a white, straight, cis-gendered woman from New York, you’re only like a 6 on the Privilege Scale. Yeah, you’re oppressed in terms of, you know, not being a white, straight, cis-gendered man (a Zero on the Privilege Scale), but you don’t have a lot of room for error.

On the other hand, if you’re a queer, black Muslim female in a wheelchair, you’re a 423 on the Privilege Scale and essentially unable to lose a political argument. Well, unless you’re a queer, black Muslim female in a wheelchair who votes Republican, in which case all points are declared null and void.

In any case, Saratoga Springs High School apparently decided it was time to reclaim the Oppression Olympics and turn it into actual classroom indoctrination, er, instruction. Thus, a business class passed out “Privilege Reflection Forms” and had students tally up their personal privilege by checking all the boxes. Are you white? Add 25 points. Are you black? Subtract 100 points. Male? Add 25. Female? Subtract 50. See, it’s backwards from the Oppression Olympics, but it’s otherwise identical.

Frontpage Mag noted that the questionnaire only got more offensive from there.

“Under a section on religion, Jewish students are instructed to add 25 points (apparently Jews are the most privileged religious group), and Christian students to add 5 points, but Muslim students are told to deduct 50 points—that is unless a student is both black and Jewish, in which case they should deduct 25 points, as a note on the assignment specifies,” they report.

Yes, those privileged, free-from-oppression Jews. What a joke.

Parents are not amused.

“It’s absolutely offensive and appalling,” said Michelle King, whose daughter attends the high school. “I cannot comprehend as a parent whose child, whose daughter, was handed this, how anyone can say this was acceptable.”

Well, we suppose the teachers at Saratoga Springs are just preparing their students for the real world. No, not the world in which they will succeed or fail based on a list of identity traits, but the world in which every third dunderhead in their generation thinks that “privilege” is literally the only thing that matters in culture and politics. At least they’ll know what the other crazies are talking about.

Although, in fairness, we’re pretty sure they could have learned all this on Twitter. Which is exactly where this crap should have stayed.

Written by Andrew

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