Film Companies Refuse to Work in Any State That Protects the Unborn

Three Hollywood companies have decided that they will no longer shoot any films in Georgia so long as it remains a state where the unborn are protected from abortion. After the state passed a “heartbeat” bill banning any abortions that take place after a child’s heartbeat can be detected, producers Mark Duplass, David Simon, and Christine Vachon announced a boycott of the state.

“Killer Films will no longer consider Georgia as a viable shooting location until this ridiculous law is overturned,” tweeted Vachon.

“I can’t ask any female member of any film production with which I am involved to so marginalize themselves or compromise their inalienable authority over their own bodies,” said Simon, known for HBO hits like The Wire and The Sopranos. “I must undertake production where the rights of all citizens remain intact. Other filmmakers will see this.”

Yes, heaven forbid females be unable to kill their unborn children right up to the moment they give birth. How awful.

Duplass, who has worked to bring projects to Netflix, said: “Don’t give your business to Georgia. Will you pledge with me not to film anything in Georgia until they reverse this backwards legislation?”

Indeed, protecting the unborn is so passé! Letting babies die in a dark corner of the room when the abortion goes wrong, THAT’S progress!

Upon signing the bill into law, Gov. Brian Kemp said that he would not be swayed by the financiers of Hollywood.

“We cannot change our values of who we are for money,” Kemp said. “And we’re not going to do that. That’s what makes our state great. For people to want to boycott the state because we are protecting life at the heartbeat – I don’t understand that.”

Nope, us either.

Well, that’s not true. We understand that the abortion industry has succeeded in taking the gruesome, disturbing truth about their stock-in-trade and hiding it under sixteen tons of propaganda. It started with the term “pro-choice.” Now it’s hiding underneath both that and other innocuous terms like “women’s healthcare” and “reproductive justice.” They’ve also successfully bamboozled half the country into believing that abortion is a constitutional right.

To get a sense of how far gone this debate is, we heard a Democrat on CNN the other day say, “When a woman gets pregnant, she’s not carrying a human being inside her.”

When the left knows that the facts are out of alignment with their agenda, they go to extraordinary lengths to redefine those facts. Thus, illegal aliens simply because American citizens “without documents.” Women born with a penis are simply expressing their “gender identity.” And abortion is nothing more than the exercise of a “woman’s reproductive rights.”

We guess it’s only natural that people whose careers involve making things up for a living would easily fall for these stupid word tricks. When you invent fantasy all day long, perhaps you forget that there actually is such a thing as truth. The people of Georgia might be better off without those weirdos around.

Written by Andrew

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