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Trump Cracks Down on Illegals Using Subsidized Housing

A little more than a month ago, Trump’s closest aide on immigration, Stephen Miller, outlined the administration’s new plan for the border. Miller said that there would be a renewed focus on changing rules and regulations within the federal government to close loopholes left by previous presidents. In other words, instead of trying to move an immovable ball in Congress, the Trump administration would exercise its full executive authority – here, there, and everywhere – to make life in the U.S. very difficult for people who do not belong here.

That philosophy was on display Friday when the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a new rule that would make it harder for illegal immigrants to gain access to federally subsidized housing.

From Fox News:

The rule, proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and posted in the Federal Register, would require that those seeking public housing would be subject to verification of their immigration status. Only families in which every member is either a citizen or a legal resident would qualify for federally subsidized housing. Currently families where at least one person is either a citizen or green card holder can get federal assistance, even if other family members are not.

The administration says that regulations “presently excuse individuals from submitting documentation if they do not contend to having eligible immigration status. This results in no actual determination of immigration status being made.” The rule would also require current participants who have not previously proven their eligibility to do so at their next evaluation of their need for public assistance.

An agency analysis, reported by The Washington Post, found that approximately 25,000 households, representing about 108,000 people, now live in subsidized housing with at least one person who would be ineligible.

As none other than ultra-liberal Cher said last month, America should focus on helping U.S. citizens before focusing on illegal aliens. If Cher can get a concept that simple, anyone can. There’s only so much money to go around. How many American-born households are struggling to make the rent while illegal aliens get taken care of by the taxpayer? It’s bad enough that our domestic welfare state has expanded to the size that it has. The least we can do is make sure that money is actually going to citizens.

Written by Andrew

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