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“350 Million People, and This is the Best?” Trump Rails Against 2020 Democrats

In a speech in Lake Charles, Louisiana this week, President Trump took several shots at the 2020 Democratic field, and he did not sound particularly impressed with the candidates.

“Boy, you got some beauties there,” he said. “Three hundred fifty million people and that’s the best we can do? I don’t think so.”

Drawing some (rather whiny) mainstream news criticism about using a taxpayer-funded trip to comment on his political opponents, Trump went down the list of prominent Democratic contenders.

“Beto’s falling fast. What the hell happened? Remember about four weeks ago he said, ‘I was made for for this.’ He was made for it. He was made to fall like a rock,” Trump said.

He mocked the Texas Democrat’s supposed efforts to “reboot” his campaign. “That,” Trump noted, “generally doesn’t work out too well.”

While polls have shown Joe Biden taking a commanding lead of the field, Trump said that he was still of the belief that Bernie Sanders would be the man to beat.

“I don’t know what the hell happened to Biden,” he said. “What happened to him? I’m looking, I said, ‘That doesn’t look like the guy I knew.’ Bernie’s crazy. But Bernie’s got a lot more energy than Biden, so you never know.”

He paused.

“Bernie’s got a lot of energy,” he continued, “but it’s energy to get rid of your jobs.”

As for Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren?

“She is probably out,” he said.

No doubt, Trump would love the chance to go head to head with Sanders, who is the face – if not the driving force – behind the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left in recent years. A contest between the two…well, it wouldn’t be a contest. It would be the most disgusting, blood-splattered landslide in American history. Frankly, we’d love nothing more than to watch that gory spectacle unfold.

But it will probably end up being Biden, and if the former vice president can avoid being dragged to the insane edges of the “progressive” movement on his way to the nomination, he poses a much more potent threat to Trump’s second-term ambitions. If there is a chunk of voters out there who are just tired of the neverending drama of the Trump Era, Biden may represent what they consider a return to normalcy. He’s probably the only Democratic contender who does.

Unless something dramatic happens, though, it will almost certainly be one of those two. A guy who barely believes in this country’s mission statement and a guy who has been a second-rate political hack for decades.

Like Trump said: This is the best Democrats could put up?

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