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2020 Democrats Quietly Drop “Abolish ICE” From Their Platforms

Just a few short months ago, every Democrat with a secret wish to grab the progressive brass ring and win the presidential election was joining socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in calling for the total abolition of the federal immigration agency known as ICE. Too dumb to understand that it wasn’t “ICE” that was “putting kids in cages” at the border, the Democrats took prime advantage of the bad headlines to go to the extremes.

Unfortunately for them, most Americans were not on board with this absurd “Abolish ICE” proposal. Most Americans actually believe that illegal immigrants should be deported. As for the “kids in cages,” most Americans understood that it was the fault of the parents – not Trump, not the Border Patrol – for putting their kids in that predicament.

And so, as Buzzfeed noted this week, most 2020 Democrats have quietly dropped their calls for an end to the immigration enforcement agency:

Months into the Democratic presidential primary, the activists behind Abolish ICE have been left frustrated, disappointed, and angry, according to interviews with eight local and national immigrant activists and Latinx groups. They feel used, they say, by the country’s most prominent Democrats — transformed into a hashtag to earn political points, and then cast aside just as quickly.

Talk of replacing ICE, or even of the agency’s problems, has all but disappeared from the Democratic campaign trail, and from Democrats’ political platforms. For all the work by activists to push abolishing ICE into the Democratic Party debate, the idea was starkly unpopular with voters: By late last summer, an AP–NORC poll showed only a quarter of Democrats backed the idea. The catchphrase that launched the movement, “Abolish ICE,” has been rejected entirely by the presidential contenders that once seemed to back it.

Well, we’re not sure what immigration activists are “frustrated” and “angry” about, although any group that identifies itself as a “Latinx” group cannot be expected to show any rationality. At the end of the day, Democratic candidates are going to go in the direction the voters are going. And the voters made it extremely clear that, even on the left, there is almost no support for abolishing the agency in charge of deporting illegal aliens.

Sooner than later, you will begin to see the same thing happen to socialist policies like “Medicare for all” and idiot policies like the Green New Deal. Democrats who actually want to bring this thing home are going to have to abandon their support for these ludicrous schemes. You can’t win the Democratic nomination, much less the presidency, by catering to “Latinx” groups, Twitter twits, and the liberal blogosphere.

Or, you know, maybe they’ll be dumb enough to try. We’re good with that, too.

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