Texas Teacher Wants Law to Be Enforced. That Got Her Suspended.

It’s difficult to imagine a school district suspending a teacher for saying that drug dealers should be arrested and thrown in jail. We can’t remember the last time a teacher got in trouble for tweeting, “Murder should be punishable by the justice system! Don’t let murderers go free with a slap on the wrist!” No, normally it would be uncontroversial for a teacher to support U.S. law and the consequences that go along with breaking it. In fact, we would hope for teachers to bring this kind of sensibility to the classroom.

But then, illegal immigration is always a different story, isn’t it.

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

A teacher was placed on administrative leave with pay from the Fort Worth school district Wednesday after officials said she directed a string of anti-immigrant comments to President Donald Trump on Twitter.

A Twitter account with the display name Georgia Clark began to gain attention Tuesday evening and into early Wednesday morning as people circulated a series of tweets from the account that asked Trump to crack down on immigration at Carter-Riverside High School. One posting listed her phone numbers and asked that Trump help remove “illegals from Fort Worth.”

Carter-Riverside’s school website lists Georgia Clark as faculty in English language arts.

By late morning, Fort Worth schools had placed the teacher on paid administrative leave after it was determined the account belonged to the teacher and that she made the posts. The account, @rebecca1939, was deleted by early Wednesday afternoon.

While the school district is “reviewing its options,” here are a few of Clark’s tweets:

“Mr. President, I asked for assistance in reporting illegal immigrants in the FWISD public school system and what I received was an alarming tweet from someone identifying himself as one of your assistants followed by a second tweet from the same person — cont.”

“Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School district is loaded with illegal students from Mexico. Carter-Riverside High School has been taken over by them. Drug dealers are on our campus and nothing was done to them when the drug dogs found the evidence.”

This is a teacher concerned about the presence of illegal aliens on campus, and she’s looking for the right avenue through which to do something about it. And that’s gotten her suspended? Did she say something racist? Something against Hispanic students? No, she was asking specifically about people who broke the law, are continually breaking the law, and who have no business in this country, much less the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Thanks to an avalanche of propaganda from the left, this is now considered controversial, racist, and whatever other kind of pejorative you can throw against it. A woman wants to protect her students and her community, and she’s the bad guy. What a world.

Written by Andrew

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