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While Companies Punish States Over Abortion, Wendy’s Focuses on Adoption

It’s really nice to see that at least one company can put their efforts toward a cause greater than whether or not a state allows you to kill your unborn baby. That company is Wendy’s, and unlike businesses such as United Airlines, Disney, and Nike, they think it’s more important to put kids into loving homes than it is to support a woman’s “constitutional right” to have an abortion.

In saner times, this would hardly be a remarkable thing to say about a company. But these are not sane times, and as such, Wendy’s deserves respect for staying out of the immoral garbage culture that so many companies are eager to embrace.

Through their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, the restaurant is finding homes for “difficult-to-place” children who are otherwise condemned to become wards of the state. Focusing on those children who are older or have disabilities that make them hard to place, the initiative gives these children a head-start on the adoption process. Additionally, the company has rolled out Cause Cups, which feature a Snapcode that will allow customers to donate to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption with a click of their phones.

“INSTEAD of supporting the sick for-profit abortion industry of Planned Parenthood THIS is what big corporations should be doing for America. Bravo @wendys,” wrote Catholic Connect on Instagram.

Countdown to leftists boycotting Wendy’s for failing to support “women’s rights” in 3…2…1…

In an interview with Columbus Monthly, the president of the Foundation said that they were focused on bringing their Ohio-based efforts to the entire country.

“For the past four to five years now, we have scaled Wendy’s Wonderful Kids across Ohio,” said Rita Soronen. “We’ve seen more than 330 adoptions finalized across the state. We know that it’s about $3 million a year to keep this program scaled in Ohio. Since we’ve had the program in Ohio, we’ve saved the state $64 million.”

Wow, putting kids in loving homes AND saving the taxpayers money? That sounds like the very epitome of the liberal’s nightmare.

Good job, Wendy’s. While the rest of these left-wing companies are destroying our culture with their “social justice” crap, you’re actually doing some good in the world. We can’t thank you enough.

Written by Andrew

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