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Bill Maher to Democrats: Give It Up on Gun Control

Plenty of Democrats vying for the 2020 nomination falsely believe that gun control is their ticket to the top. Unable to recognize that many registered Democrats are not particularly thrilled with the party’s reckless approach to firearm confiscation, they risk turning off a lot of voters – especially those who went for Trump in the last election. That was the concern at the top of Bill Maher’s mind on Friday. He warned Democrats that they should pace themselves on gun control, lest they put themselves behind an issue that will ensure President Trump a second term in office.

During a panel discussion on his HBO “Real Time” show, Maher said there were a handful of issues on which Democrats were ahead of Republicans, including health care and education. However, he said, when it came to gun control, Democrats were lagging behind the conservatives.

“I don’t like guns. Have some, don’t like them, have it for [an] emergency, like an antibiotic,” Maher said. “But some people do. Lots of people do and their view is, ‘Yes there is a violence problem with guns, but not me. And you’re going after me.'”

What a refreshing point of view from a liberal. This is exactly what we’ve been saying for years. You can pass all the restrictive gun laws you want, and the only people you’re hurting are the ones who don’t give a damn about your laws in the first place. Homicide is already illegal. Mass murder is already illegal. What are you accomplishing by passing more restrictions on the Second Amendment other than punishing law-abiding gun owners who don’t have a thing to do with these outbreaks of violence? This is the unfair, idiotic paradox that makes the left’s gun control push not only unconstitutional but illogical as well.

“We’ve lost elections before on this issue,” Maher warned, “which is not a winning issue for Democrats.”

Maher was talking to liberals like New York Times columnist Charles Blow and Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), though, so naturally he got some pushback.

“What is the option though, not to make it a central part of the campaign?” Blow asked.

“No,” Maher replied. “First of all, liberals should learn more about guns. I don’t know much about guns because, again, I don’t care, I don’t like them, but I hear this from gun people.”

Maher went on to describe a recent interview on CNN in which Cory Booker made a fool of himself trying to avoid the question of what his gun control plan would have done to stop the mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

“Cory Booker took a very long time to be able to answer that question,” Maher said.

Blow said it wasn’t important that Booker’s plan would have done nothing, insisting that it was more essential to crack down on the 30,000 gun deaths per year that unfold in America.

“You’re seriously saying that he shouldn’t be able to answer the question as a politician, ‘How will your plan specifically stop this problem?'” Maher asked. “If you did everything that the Democrats wanted, I still think you would have this problem because it’s much more complicated than just the mass killers or the type of gun. You’re going to be disappointed if you think just doing what they want gun-wise is gonna solve it.”

Maher is as anti-Trump as they come, and he has no love lost for Republicans, but he’s still head and shoulders above your average libtard when it comes to actually thinking for himself. If Democrats had any brains about them at all, they would spend more time listening to him and less time listening to the Michael Bloombergs of the world.

Written by Andrew

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