State Senator Blasts Extreme Abortion Bill: “We Will Be Accountable to God”

Terrified that Roe v. Wade will soon be on the docket at the Supreme Court, Democrat-controlled states are moving forward with extremist bills aimed at loosening restrictions around abortion to the point that the procedure is virtually unregulated. Taking the opposite approach of red states like Georgia and Alabama, states like New York and Virginia are passing radical legislation that all-but-eliminates any protections whatsoever for the unborn.

The latest state to go forward with this scheme is Rhode Island, which passed a bill this week that would allow abortion right up until the moment of birth if it is deemed “necessary for the health or life of the mother.”

“The new law says the state will not restrict the right to an abortion prior to fetal viability or afterward if an abortion is necessary for the health or life of the mother,” reports the Associated Press. “It repeals older state abortion laws deemed unconstitutional by the courts. The bill was approved Wednesday in the Senate 21 to 17 after two hours of debate, then in the House 45 to 29 after a half hour debate.”

Do not be fooled by the “health of the mother” language. Pro-abortion organizations have been very clear that this health includes the mother’s “mental health,” which could of course be endangered by forcing her to carry a pregnancy that she simply doesn’t want. This bill will eliminate virtually any reasonable restrictions on abortion in the state of Rhode Island. Which is, of course, the point.

“Fundamentally this bill is about health care,” Gov. Gina Raimondo said as she signed the bill into law. “It’s about protecting and providing access to health care for all the women of Rhode Island. The bill I am about to sign codifies Roe v. Wade. It preserves the status quo that has existed in this state for 50 years.”

Though there was not enough internal party opposition to stop the bill, some state Democrats did urge their colleagues to go a different way. In a powerful statement on the Senate floor, Frank Lombardo said “we are all children of God and I tell you, we will all be accountable to God for the position of influence that he has given to all of us.”

Unsurprisingly, invoking the wrath of the Almighty did not prove persuasive to the Rhode Island Democrats.

But rest assured, each and every one of them will answer for this vote.

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