Uhhh: Only 8% of Democrats Blame Migrants for Migrant Crisis

In a bizarre CNN poll this week, we learned that only 8% of Democratic voters say that migrants are responsible for the migrant crisis at the border.

Indeed, 81% of voters think there is either no crisis at all or, if there is, that it is the fault of the Trump administration. A further 7% believe that the crisis can be blamed on both the U.S. government and the migrants. We’re guessing that the 8% and the 7% are the kinds of Democrats who are feeling increasingly uncomfortable in their own party. Not sure what’s keeping them around at this point, but they could be ripe for the picking next year if Trump plays his cards right.

That there is a certain percentage of Democrats confused about whether or not there exists a border crisis is not surprising. It was only recently that the mainstream media began to admit that talk of a crisis was not just Trump’s propaganda, after all. As recently as January, you had morons like CNN’s Don Lemon telling viewers that they shouldn’t believe a word of it.

“Here’s my question,” he said back then. “Are you convinced this last-ditch effort to persuade Americans that there is a crisis at the southern border — did it work? Trump is determined to convince you there is a crisis at the border. They’re playing the public, you, for suckers.”

It was not until the media and the Democrats found an opening that they began admitting that the crisis was real. It wasn’t real when thousands of illegal immigrants were coming to the border in caravans, but it was plenty real when there were pictures of “brown people in cages” at said border. Never was it mentioned that one inevitably flowed from the other. Never was it noticed that Democrats could have helped nip this crisis in the bud a year ago…if they had been willing to admit there was such a thing.

So no, we can’t really blame Democrat voters for being confused (except to say…really, you’re still believing what you see on CNN and read in The New York Times??). They’ve been guided to their current confusion by a Democrat/Media conglomerate that has absolutely no respect for the truth, and absolutely no respect for the rule of law.

Written by Andrew

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