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Pelosi: Trump’s Census is an Attempt to “Make America White Again”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shamelessly played the race card on Monday, insisting that President Trump’s desire to put a citizenship question on the Census was part of his attempt to whitewash America. Surely, this was offensive to any black or brown American who is also a citizen of the United States, but then, it seems that the Democratic Party is not all that interested in those people these days.

“This is about keeping – you know his hat – make America white again,” Pelosi said in her usual style of grace of clarity. “They want to make sure that people – certain people – are counted. It’s really disgraceful. And it’s not what our founders had in mind. What they want to do is put a chilling effect so certain populations will not answer the form.”

Just a reminder: When Pelosi says “certain people,” she’s talking about American citizens. When she says “certain populations,” she’s talking about illegal immigrants, i.e., people who should not be in this country to begin with. The Democrats like to hide all of this behind talk of racism, the generic word “immigration,” and a whole lot of other nonsense rhetoric, so it’s important to clarify whenever we get the chance.

In remarks to reporters last week, President Trump said a Supreme Court ruling blocking the question was not going to slow his administration down. He said that lawyers at the Department of Justice were looking into a legal avenue through which the citizenship question could be restored to the Census; Attorney General William Barr this week suggested that the DOJ may have found a way to do just that.

Such a move – whether by legal maneuvering or by executive order – would spark a great outcry from the president’s opponents, who would accuse him of (once again) launching us into a constitutional crisis. We believe that would be the 143rd such crisis since the beginning of his presidency, at least if you take your tally from the Democrats. Somehow, we keep making it through.

The true constitutional crisis, however, is that we have one major part of our government – the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives – standing firmly in the way of a reasonable question that could help us clarify the number of illegal aliens currently living in the United States. That is an abdication of their duty and a clear message to their constituents: We don’t give a damn about you unless you came here illegally from Central America or Mexico.

It’s shocking that people would still vote for such a party, but there you have it.

Written by Andrew

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