Nicolle Wallace Praises “Superhero” Megan Rapinoe in Stomach-Churning Segment

In her first tease of an upcoming segment on her “Deadline” show, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace had this to say: “And holding out for a hero – we sure need one. Enter U.S. Soccer star and natural-born leader Megan Rapinoe. She’s chicken soup for your soul, so you won’t want to miss this.”

Right. Rapinoe – one of the most arrogant, self-absorbed athletes to get the national spotlight in quite some time – is exactly what most people think of when they think “chicken soup for your soul.” Is Wallace kidding? Or is the former Republican so consumed with hatred of Donald Trump that she considers any enemy of his a “good person.”

Oh, did we say “good person”? Guess we were downplaying Wallace’s feelings a bit.

The next tease of the segment: “After the break, a real-life superhero, an icon in her own time standing up for equal pay, speaking to our better angels and calling out Donald Trump. Megan Rapinoe and U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, now the world champs. New York City celebrated them today with a parade. We will next.”

A real-life superhero. Sure.

When Wallace finally got to the segment, she started with a clip of the ego-consumed Rapinoe speaking at the aforementioned New York parade.

“This is my charge to everyone. We have to be better. We have to love more, hate less. We got to listen more and talk less,” Rapinoe said at the event. “We got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility, every single person here, every single person who’s not here, every single person who doesn’t want to be here, every single person who agrees and doesn’t agree, it’s our responsibility to make this world a better place.”

What? Is this the same Megan Rapinoe who has made it her goal in life to become one of the most obnoxious, never-shuts-up, hateful people in the world of sports? She’s telling US to “be better.”? Oh, well, she undoubtedly just means Trump supporters.

After a lengthy segment in which Wallace spoke glowingly of Mighty Megan with panelists Jennifer Palmieri and NeverTrumper Charlie Sykes, she finished with this pathetic send-off: “Megan Rapinoe, you make us believe. God bless you and all your teammates, congratulations.”

Someone pass the barf bag.

Written by Andrew

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