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MSNBC: Trump is Now the Head of a “White Identity Cult”

Well, having failed to learn anything at all from the 2016 election, liberal Democrats are back to their old favorite call-and-return line: Trump is a Nazi racist who must be stopped before he becomes the next Adolf Hitler.

We suppose it was always inevitable that they would circle back to this failed strategy after their Russian collusion theory fell apart, but it’s no less disappointing to see it in action. This is a sure-fire loser for Democrats in 2020, and for that much, we take comfort. But in the meantime, it’s only going to worsen the racial divide in this country, and it could very well stir up a psychopath or two in the meantime. That, we don’t need.

Count on MSNBC, though, to carry water for the Democratic Party’s agenda. And host Chris Matthews was fully on board Monday night when talking to left-wing author Tim Wise.

“Democrats face a choice in 2020,” Matthews said. “Do they take on Donald Trump as if he’s just another Republican President whose policies they say are wrong or do they argue something more dire? That the man seeking a second term in the White House presents a moral danger to this country. Do they make 2020 a fight between good and evil? Well, in a series of tweets that went viral this weekend, author and anti-racism activist Tim Wise compared the challenge Democrats face now to what they faced when the former KKK leader David Duke was running for office in Louisiana in the early 1999s.”


Wise came on the program to elaborate on this ugly comparison.

“I won’t say that Duke and Trump are the same,” he said, “but they both appeal to white racial resentment as the yeast that makes their political bread rise and when you were dealing with a movement that focuses on that, in a sense a white identity cult, you can’t treat them like just another candidate.”

Where exactly did this “white identity cult” come from, by the way? Did it materialize out of thin air, or was it perhaps created by liberals who have made it very clear that everything from the national anthem to the Confederate Flag to Thomas Jefferson is a relic of racism? What did you THINK was going to happen? White Americans were just going to roll over and die?

To the extent there are racial tensions in our politics today, they are there because the Democrats won’t quit telling us how eaten up with white supremacy America is. And as long as they persist in demonizing America’s history, culture, and way of life – as long as they keep presenting white Americans as something to be overcome and relegated to the past – they are going to lose.

Written by Andrew

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