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Republicans After Mueller Hearing: “It’s Time to Move On”

In advice that’s unlikely to be heeded by the Democratic majority, House Republicans said Wednesday that Robert Mueller’s confused, unnecessary testimony signaled that it was time to “move on” from the Russian collusion/obstruction of justice investigation and start focusing on more important things.

“For more than two years, Democrats have obsessed over the Mueller investigation, going so far as falsely claiming they have evidence of collusion, which we found not to be true today,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader. “What we heard today only helped to reinforce the facts – that there was no collusion and no obstruction. It is well past the time to put this country first. The Democrats are more focused on bringing down the president, than they are in building up America.”

Rep. Doug Collins concurred.

“Someone asked me yesterday how did you prepare for the Mueller hearing? Didn’t have to worry about it because it’s all the committee talked about for seven months — it’s all we talk about,” he said. “And everything we’ve come up with is show hearings, dog and pony shows, running out old people from the Watergate era and what have we found? That the American people have been footing the bill for a continuation of the 2016 election they don’t like.”

Freedom Caucus leader Jim Jordan said it was time for the House to focus on the misconduct of the investigators.

“It’s definitely time to move on,” Jordan said. “The second thing I would say is the investigation that matters, and I said this in today’s hearing, or the two investigations that matter most now — the one that Mr. Horowitz is going to have completed in a couple of months and of course the one that the attorney general has tasked John Durham the U.S. attorney to do which is how this whole three-year saga began that our country has lived through for these three years.

“I look forward to hearing from that,” he continued, “but let’s stop the continuous investigation into something that we’ve already spent three years on and let’s focus on those issues that really matter to the American people.”

Many political analysts predicted that Wednesday’s Mueller hearings would not go well for the Democrats, but it’s hard to overstate just how badly the whole thing collapsed on them. The only thing they added into the public’s consciousness was that Mueller – bumbling, frail, and ignorant – may not have actually led this investigation at all. Certainly, they did nothing to further their quest to impeach President Trump.

Written by Andrew

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