Univision Hack Can’t Believe That Hispanics Actually Support the Wall

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has spent most of the last four years abandoning any pretense of objective reporting in favor of an ongoing war against President Trump and his supposedly racist policies. So we have to imagine that, when confronted with a new Univision poll that showed how many U.S. Hispanics actually support Trump’s plan to build a wall across the Mexican border, his shock and dismay were real. How could it be that Hispanics would support a policy that is racist against Hispanics!? Why, you’d have to change your whole worldview for that to be possible!

No wonder Ramos was baffled.

“Let’s close with this,” Ramos said on his political show. “I had a chance to view the poll, it hasn’t been published, but let’s break some news here. When you ask Latinos whether or not they support the building of the wall, I was surprised at the amount of Latinos that agree with building the wall.

“Well, yes, 36.4% are in favor of building it,” said correspondent Sergio Garcia Rios.

“More than a third,” said a mystified Ramos.

“More than a third,” agreed Rios.

Ramos, confused, exclaimed: “Of Latinos!”

“Yes,” said Rios. “We haven’t published this yet but we break it here, it is certainly a high percentage, this surprises us, but it’s a complex matter, we’d have to look at it. More analysis than what is out there…”

In other words, don’t jump off the nearest bridge too soon, Jorge, maybe we’ll find an explanation for this that makes sense. Hey, maybe some of these Hispanics don’t actually know they are Hispanic. Maybe they haven’t been properly indoctrinated into liberal groupthink. They could be confused or mislead or even dumb. Maybe they didn’t understand the question. Or something.

“Does this mean, Sergio, that Latinos are more conservative, even with regard to immigration, than what many believe?” Ramos asked, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“It’s complex, I don’t necessarily feel that they are,” Rios said, comfortingly.

Keep telling yourself that, guys. Whatever you’ve got to do to keep that bubble sealed tight.

Written by Andrew

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