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High School Criticized for Letting Muslims Spread Islamic Indoctrination

A high school in New Jersey is coming under withering criticism for their decision to let two Muslim students spread their religion to others on school grounds. Memorial High School is accused of turning a blind eye as the students proselytized in classrooms, celebrated Ramadan in a public fashion, and hung banners around the school praising Islam’s god Allah. The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund has sent a cease and desist order to the school, demanding that officials take action to stop this blatant example of religious favoritism.

From FrontPage Magazine:

According to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF), an organization that does pro-bono legal work to defend conscience rights and constitutional liberties, Memorial High hung “two district-sponsored Ramadan posters” on school grounds. One of these posters exhorted students to “Have a blessed Ramadan” and added “May Allah Continue to Shower [sic] You Love and Wisdom” A second banner urged students to “celebrate” in fancy silver lettering and wished them “Happy Ramadan!” and “May this month be filled with all that is good.”

“A public school district would never hang posters praying for Jesus Christ to shower students with love and wisdom,” asserted FCDF Executive Director Daniel Piedra. “Apparently the Left’s notion of the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ only applies to Christians.”

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund sent a cease and desist letter to Memorial High Principal Scott Wolhrab and Superintendent Clara Brito Herrera demanding that the posters be removed immediately. Attorneys for the school district responded just two days later, writing to the FCDF that “the poster(s) that may have been deemed legally impermissible in a public educational setting have been removed from Memorial High School.”

The second paragraph quoted above really says it all. School districts, time and time again, have bent over backwards to introduce Islam to our children. Meanwhile, if a teacher so much as says “God bless you,” the atheists come unglued. It’s a pathetic double-standard, and it needs to stop.

“For years, courageous Americans have been sounding the alarm about the threat of Islamic indoctrination in America’s schools, only to be smeared as Islamophobic, anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists,” said Piedra. “What is transpiring in this school district is no doubt a conspiracy, but the blatant Islamic proselytizing here requires no theorizing—it is fact.”

He’s absolutely right. We have two virulently anti-Semitic Muslim congresswomen in Congress already. The Islamic encroachment is happening. Not as quickly or as disturbingly as it’s happening in Europe, but it’s happening nonetheless. Now is the time for every good American to be vigilant. The left set the standard: Religion cannot be taught or even tolerated in our public schools. Now we expect them to abide by their own rules. Nothing less is acceptable.

Written by Andrew

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