MSNBC Host: Trump Poses “Existential Threat” to the United States

MSNBC host Chris Hayes is certainly no stranger to rolling out the psychotic, anti-Trump rhetoric on his show, but he went far and beyond on Monday as he joined the chorus of liberals blaming the president for the tragic mass shootings in Ohio and Texas.

“Even before the mass murders this weekend, even before this white supremacist committed what is being treated as an act of domestic terrorism, it has been clear from the first moment that Donald Trump came down that escalator four years ago, and particularly clear in the last few weeks as Donald Trump stood idly by as a crowd at his rally chanted ‘send her back,’ the President’s cultivation of racist ideology and his racist definition of what the U.S. is for, pose an existential threat to what the country’s nature should be,” Hayes said.

“That’s it,” he continued. “It is an existential threat that we faced down many times before and had battles over and continue to battle over, but this is as much a hinge in history about what the country we are going to be as we have ever had.”

Apparently jealous of her colleague’s ability to twist the narrative of Evil Trump in any manner he sees fit, Nicolle Wallace pulled her own rabbit out of the Dumb Hat earlier in the day, telling viewers that Trump was actively telling people to begin “exterminating Latinos.” She later apologized for that ridiculous remark, but the damage was already done.

The cretins of MSNBC have no idea how dangerous it is to go on the air and fan these flames. It’s all well and good to hate this president. It’s fine to disagree with his policies, and we don’t even mind if you get a little bit hyperbolic and animated when you do so. That’s what poli-tainment is all about, right? Sure it is.

But when you go on the air and accuse the Trump administration of killing migrant children, accuse the president of wanting to exterminate a race of people, and suggest that he is the newly-crowned Grand Dragon of White Supremacy in the United States, you’ve crossed the line. When you go on the air and tell people that he’s directly responsible for a mass shooting because he is adamantly opposed to illegal immigration, you are setting the stage for more blood to be shed.

It’s time for these hosts to exercise just a bit of restraint over their wild-eyed hate for the president. Especially if they truly believe, as they say they do, that reckless rhetoric can inspire others to violence.

Written by Andrew


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