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Report: Trump Considering Executive Action on Social Media’s Bias

While it’s unclear from Politico’s report what type of executive order President Trump could deliver that would allow the federal government to crack down on Silicon Valley’s anti-conservative bias, the news from within the White House is that such an order is indeed in the works.

Under pressure from Republicans in Congress over their constant harassment of conservative personalities, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have yet to offer any evidence that they are intending to change their ways. But if the White House can come up with a solution to the rampant censorship currently taking place within these companies – even if it isn’t legally binding – it could force the tech giant’s to finally confront this growing issue.

From Politico:

The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies, according to a White House official and two other people familiar with the matter — a month after President Donald Trump pledged to explore “all regulatory and legislative solutions” on the issue.

None of the three would describe the contents of the order, which one person cautioned has already taken many different forms and remains in flux. But its existence, and the deliberations surrounding it, are evidence that the administration is taking a serious look at wielding the federal government’s power against Silicon Valley.

“If the internet is going to be presented as this egalitarian platform and most of Twitter is liberal cesspools of venom, then at least the president wants some fairness in the system,” the White House official said. “But look, we also think that social media plays a vital role. They have a vital role and an increasing responsibility to the culture that has helped make them so profitable and so prominent.”

While we wouldn’t underestimate Trump and his irritation at the raw deal conservatives have gotten on social media, our guess at the outset is that any execution action with any teeth whatsoever would be immediately challenged as a threat to the First Amendment. That’s not something today’s left cares about all that much, but we’re sure they’ll restore their respect for the Bill of Rights the moment Trump does anything to threaten their freedom to censor his supporters.

Our take on this whole thing has always been that we win when we shine a bright spotlight on Silicon Valley’s bias, just as we’re beginning to win the same battle against the mainstream media. When people wake up (and wise up) to these little censors in their little fiefdoms, much of their power will vanish automatically. In the meantime, let’s not make the mistake of becoming what we despise.

Written by Andrew

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