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“Inciting Violence”: Dan Crenshaw Slams the Left for Calling GOP Nazis

In a podcast interview worth going out of your way to hear/watch, Joe Rogan sat down with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to talk about politics, war, and the left’s increasing outrageousness. During the interview, Crenshaw took aim at leftists who decry Trump’s supposed incitements to violence while also calling his supporters Nazis. This, the Texas Republican said, was as close as calling for violence as you could come without blatantly coming right out with it.

“I always tell people when they’re complaining about something Trump said and they’re like ‘look at the violence he’s inciting’ and I say ‘well, you call us all Nazis,'” Crenshaw said. “When you call someone a Nazi, you are calling somebody something that we all agreed as Americans to bomb, and kill, and destroy.

“So, you’re labeling me with a label that we all agree should be destroyed,” he continued. “Like, how is that not inciting violence by your standards?”

Crenshaw’s argument is air-tight and logical, which is of course why it will never penetrate the thick head of a liberal #Resistance mouth-breather. Not only is the argument tight, we’ve already seen what happens when people take the label “Nazi” seriously. You get groups like Antifa, who either really believe that they are fighting fascism or are merely pretending to believe that as an excuse to go out and cause damage and mayhem. Either way, it stems from the overhyped idiocy of the left, which now views political incorrectness and conservatism as problems on the same level as the Third Reich.

“This continues to be said by basically everybody running for president, that Trump is a white supremacist,” Crenshaw said. “And white supremacist and Nazi are practically the same thing. I think we have an understandably deep objection to anything white supremacist, as we should. It should be condemned totally. When you’re calling the president that – and they often call his supporters that, too – so you’re calling 60-something million people who voted for him the same thing. I just can’t imagine a worse way to engage in dialogue and a quicker way to escalate things to just the worst possible scenario.”

In a way, we wholeheartedly encourage Democrats to continue down this path, because it will lead to certain re-election for President Trump. We’ve already seen where the Deplorable Path ends; we saw it in November 2016. If Democrats want to run that same playbook again – and there’s every indication that they do – we see no reason why it should be any more successful the second time around.

On the other hand, Crenshaw is right. With political tensions being what they are already, the last thing we need to instill in a young psychopath’s mind is some idea that, with the right weapon, he can become the modern-day equivalent of our mighty World War II soldiers. We would implore Democrats and the media, therefore, to tone down the hyperbolic rhetoric…that is, if we thought for a minute that they would listen.

Written by Andrew

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