Mark Levin: Notice How Democrats Never Want to “Expand Liberty”

On his radio program on Tuesday, legendary conservative talker Mark Levin turned his attention to the Democratic presidential race and some of the most prominent talking points being used by the leading candidates. Discussing the platforms of contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Levin explained why conservatives would be better off letting these Democrats defend concepts like universal healthcare and reparations for slavery than to attack them head on. The policies, he said, were ridiculous enough to implode on their own.

“People don’t support abolishing private health care,” Levin said. “They want prices to come down; they want more options; and only the private sector — really only competition — can provide that. Not a government-run private system, which is kind of what we have today. So the Democrats should be forced to eat their proposals. The Democrats want to run on reparations? Let them run on reparations! But first let them explain it.”

Levin said that, if Democrats don’t self-destruct by simply explaining their imbecilic plans to the American public, then allowing them to explain how they intend to pay for it should do the trick.

“Now they want a federal wealth tax on your real estate,” Levin said. “Do you know why there’s no federal property tax? Because it’s not in the Constitution. So how’re they going to get federal wealth tax? If you own a private business, you’re now going to have towns and states telling you what your minimum wage is. You’re going to have health care for all that you’re going to have to pay for; it’ll be a monumental cost. You’re going to have to pay for family leave, another monumental cost.

“And then on top of that, the federal government’s going to come in and say, ‘Uh, wealth tax,’” Levin continued. “Why is it that the Democrats never think of ways to expand liberty and opportunity and creativity and productivity? Instead, they’re always trying to choke the golden goose. And they think they’ll choke the golden goose and yet the golden goose will continue to lay golden eggs. It doesn’t work that way.”

No, it doesn’t, but there is an unfortunate number of voters who seem to think this way. Who think that innovation and excellence will just magically appear from the huddles masses, even if we completely take the profit motive out of the equation.

Then again, these same people think that socialism/Communism are still valid ideologies, and that the only problem with them is that they haven’t actually been implemented correctly yet.

Let’s hope they never get the chance to try once more, right here in America.

Written by Andrew


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