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2020 Democrat: Impeaching Trump is Like Jailing WWII Nazis!

Billionaire and 2020 Democratic candidate Tom Steyer has poured tens of millions of dollars into his “Need to Impeach” campaign to pressure Democrats into removing Donald Trump from office. This week, speaking at the Polk County Steak-Dry in Des Moines, Steyer explained to the voters gathered there why he sees it as his life’s mission to impeach Trump.

“When I started Need to Impeach, I was thinking about my father and the Nazis, because when you see something wrong in America, you fight it. You don’t ask, ‘What’s politically tactical?’ ‘What’s good for you?’ You fight it every day before it gets too strong and that’s what I was doing,” Steyer said.

To put it in context, Steyer’s father was a prosecutor in the 1940s, and his job was to put Nazis in prison at the Nuremberg trials. These were some of the most heinous villains in global history, and his father can be counted as an honest-to-goodness hero for the work he did putting them away. For Steyer to compare his crusade against Trump to that noble work is not only asinine, it’s actively disrespectful.

Alas, this was not the first time Steyer alluded to the Nazis when talking about Trump. Last year at a rally, someone from the audience asked the billionaire: “What’s the difference between him and Hitler?”

We would have taken this question as the setup to a joke, but Steyer apparently thought to rally-goer was serious. And, given the kind of people that would go to a Tom Steyer rally, he probably had the right cut of the matter.

“Mr. Trump has — he really is an incredibly skillful and talented communicator,” Steyer noted. “Which Hitler, was too. But let’s not…and I think the reason people push back against the Hitler comparison, regardless of any similarities, is Hitler ended up killing millions and millions of people.”

Ah, is that what you “think,” Mr. Steyer? That’s not brain-thunderingly obvious to you? You have to actually give it some thought?

Granted, Steyer is far from the only liberal puppet to make these kinds of comparisons, but we just thought it was exceptionally ridiculous for him to compare his quest to impeach Trump with his father’s mission to imprison (or hang) Nazi war criminals. We’re not sure which would be worse: That he’s purposely using this hyperbole to pander to the drooling ‘tards who might vote for him, or if he actually believes it.

Written by Andrew

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