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The Media Has Already Botched the Ukraine Story Beyond Repair

In their zeal to finally “get him,” the mainstream media has already botched the Trump/Ukraine story beyond repair. And, seeing as how it appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was going off of nothing other than those reports when she announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, we have to imagine she – and other Democrats still working with at least half a complete brain – are wishing they could have that back. Because from the moment the White House released the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, it was immediately obvious that much of what we’d heard about this call…was pure, unadulterated horse pucky.

In the days leading up to the transcript’s release, we heard all kinds of nefarious things about Trump’s behavior.

He’d made a mysterious “promise” to a foreign leader that compromised U.S. security. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

He’d mentioned Joe Biden no less than “eight times” on the call to Zelensky. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

Trump had engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, offering U.S. military aid in exchange for dirt on the Bidens. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

Trump demanded that Ukrainian prosecutors investigate the Biden family. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

To make a long story short, everything that actually put Trump in a damning light according to prior reports…wasn’t actually in the call. At all! And if the media had reported this accurately from the start (or had at least hesitated before reporting things that had no basis in fact or for which they had zero corroborating evidence), this whole impeachment hysteria would likely have never gotten off the ground.

We’re not much for conspiracy theories, but if you are…try this one on for size: Trump set all this up. He WANTS the Democrats to impeach him. He baited Pelosi into this nightmarish political scenario, because he knows his approval ratings will soar the very second the Senate acquits him, if not before.

No, no, we don’t believe that it went down this way, but you could ALMOST believe it, because it makes more sense than Democrats actually thinking they have something on Trump here. This is a media-created scandal that doesn’t exist in reality. If Democrats don’t find a way to put on the brakes (and, frankly, it may be too late for that), they are going to destroy any shot they might have once had of taking the White House next year.

Hey, Trump always said that the major papers would endorse him for 2020, because they couldn’t stand the thought of losing all of that juicy revenue. Maybe this was their way of making sure that doesn’t happen.

What an embarrassment.

Written by Andrew

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