Impeachment Fever: Dems Want to Take Kavanaugh Out, Too

Friday was the one-year anniversary of one of the most sorry spectacles in American history: The smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And much in the same way that 2020 Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris continue to believe the fake news that Michael Brown was “murdered” in Ferguson, they told us this week that they also still “believe” in the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. We suppose the latter is somewhat more forgivable – Blasey Ford’s story hasn’t been conclusively disproven, unlike the Brown fiasco – but it’s still pretty questionable. There are a lot of holes in Blasey Ford’s story. A LOT of holes.

But that didn’t keep Warren from tweeting: “I still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And like the man who appointed him, Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached.”

Virtue-signal harder, Liz.

“A year ago, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford told her story. Senators didn’t listen, but the Americans people did,” Beto O’Rourke wrote. “Like Anita Hill before her, the impact of her testimony will inspire and encourage women to continue to have the courage to speak out. She is a hero.”

Our eyes literally can’t roll any further back.

“One year ago today, we saw what true courage looked like as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward and testified before the Senate,” 2020 loser Bill de Blasio chimed in. “We believed her then. We believe her now.”

We didn’t. We don’t.

As for Harris, she couldn’t limit her thoughts to a tweet or two; she had to write a whole op-ed about it in Elle magazine.

“After allegations of sexual assault surfaced during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, I saw up close that the hearings and FBI investigation were not a serious pursuit of truth or justice,” she wrote. “We need to get to the truth about Kavanaugh. And I believe the best path to truth and accountability is through a formal impeachment process.”

If we haven’t gotten to the “truth” about Kavanaugh through Senate hearings, an FBI investigation, an unlimited number of journalistic pursuits, and all the rest, we’re never going to get there. This story is as dead as a doornail, but these Democrats won’t consider the matter closed until they hear what they want to hear.

Washington has come down with Impeachment Fever, and it seems that the medicine known as “facts” has no hope of curing it.

Written by Andrew


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