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Nancy Pelosi: States Passing Pro-Life Laws are Doing “Dangerous Things”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently believes that it’s perfectly safe to do everything possible to throw a democratically-elected leader out of power simply because Democrats hate him. On the other hand, what does she think about states passing democratically-supported laws protecting the unborn? Well, you have to give it to her – her irrationality is consistent. She thinks these laws are “dangerous,” according to her remarks to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I think that Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose is greatly at risk,” Pelosi said. “I don’t like to be a fear monger, but this is very personal for people, that their lives will be so affected by a court decision.”

Yes, because court decisions never affect people’s lives. Or, as LifeSiteNews put it: “More than 61 million unborn babies’ lives have been negatively affected by Roe v. Wade. That total does not include the mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents who also have been hurt by legalized abortion on demand.”

But of course, Pelosi and the feminist brigade doesn’t care anything about that. To them, unborn babies are just meaningless blobs of tissue, as disposable as the diapers they would have eventually worn had they not been vacuumed out by an ethically-challenged doctor.

“I think there’s a lot to be concerned about,” she continued, “because even if the court decides a certain way, the states are doing their own dangerous things for a woman’s right to choose.”

Pelosi’s comments to the Atlanta paper come as Planned Parenthood has announced they will go on a full-fledged spending spree for the 2020 elections. From NPR:

With abortion-rights activists playing defense from statehouses to the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood is unveiling a new campaign push focused on the 2020 elections.

The organization is announcing its largest electoral effort yet — with plans to spend at least $45 million backing candidates in local, state and national races who support abortion rights.

Kelley Robinson, executive director of the superPAC Planned Parenthood Votes, said advocates are pushing back against a “coordinated level of attack” from abortion-rights opponents.

“It’s clear that all these attacks have one goal: to undermine and to gut Roe v. Wade,” Robinson said in an interview with NPR.

The first priority for 2020 is to unseat President Trump. The group also will work to help Democrats take over the U.S. Senate, maintain Democratic control in the House, and promote candidates in state-level races who support abortion rights, Robinson said.

If Democrats could make any mistake bigger than trying to impeach Trump, it’s to turn the 2020 election into a referendum on their radical views of abortion. Their “up-to-the-moment-of-birth” platform on this reprehensible procedure is well out of the mainstream; they do NOT want voters to focus on this issue heading into next November’s election.

But hey, who are we to tell them how to do politics?

Written by Andrew

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