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Beto O’Rourke is Still Out There Comparing Trump to Hitler

You would have thought, after the disastrous (for them) result of the 2016 election, that Democrats would have folded up their little “compare Trump to Hitler” napkin, pressed out the wrinkles, and placed it neatly into the bottom drawer of their arsenal, never to be brought out again. Instead, of course, they did just the opposite. For the last three years, the comparisons have been as endless as they have been idiotic. Making the allusion all the more ridiculous is President Trump’s fidelity to the Constitution, which has been far more faithful than that of his predecessor.

But we guess all this Nazi stuff plays well with the liberal base, which is why you get speeches like this one from Beto O’Rourke on Thursday.

“There are three kinds of fear against which we must guard and stand against, and make sure that we overcome and defeat,” O’Rourke said in Grand Prairie, Texas. “The first is this fabricated fear of the president who wants us to be afraid of one another. A president that when he was a candidate said that he would ban all Muslims, all people of one religion from the shores of a country that is comprised of people from all traditions of faith, all walks of life, every single country on the planet.

“It is hard, outside of the Third Reich, to find another example in modern human history of leader, of a modern democracy, saying that one people of one religion are inherently dangerous, or disqualified, or defective,” he continued. “And yet, that’s what our president did.”

We should recall, perhaps, what was happening in this country when Trump made that campaign proclamation. A Middle Eastern couple had just got done killing fourteen people in one of the most shocking mass shootings in history. One of the perpetrators, Tashfeen Malik, was a Pakistani-born green card holder. She and her husband had radicalized themselves through the internet, it turned out, but at the time, the bet looked good that they had some affiliation with ISIS – whether formal or informal. Their numerous trips to Saudi Arabia and astounding stockpile of weapons was testament to this possibility.

Trump, of course, did not ever enact such a ban on Muslims(though Democrats like O’Rourke love to pretend otherwise). It was campaign bluster, nothing more. And frankly, it made a certain amount of sense, whether you want to babble about the Third Reich or not.

Made more sense than electing them to Congress.

Written by Andrew

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