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Court: Father Cannot Stop His 7-Year-Old Son From Transitioning to Female

In yet another disturbing view of where we’re headed as a nation, a Texas court ruled on Monday that Jeffrey Younger be denied sole custody of his twin sons, James and Jude. By making this decision, the jury condemned James to the conservatorship of his mother, Anne Georgulas, who has made plain her intention to transition her 7-year-old boy into a girl using female hormones.

James, who wants to be called “Luna,” has allegedly told his parents that he considers himself a girl. The mom wants to facilitate this mistaken belief with full medical transition; his father thinks that might be a tad premature.

Somehow, a jury sided with the mother.

From the Washington Examiner:

Anne Georgulas, the mother of the two boys, has advocated for James to transition into Luna and has strongly backed the idea of chemically castrating her son and beginning hormone replacement therapy. The ruling on Wednesday will prevent Jeffrey from having sole custody of his children and paves the way for Georgulas to proceed with the procedure.

The court has ruled that Georgulas will maintain sole custody of her two children and go forward with plans to give James life-altering medical procedures. Her original court filing had sought to limit her ex-husband’s visits with their children and require that he now refer to James as Luna. She further asked that Jeffrey not be exposed to any people who would not confirm his female identity.

Over the past week, the jury was introduced to expert witnesses who testified as to whether or not James actually believed that he was female. Dr. Benjamin Albritton said, “There is still some fluidity in his thinking. Neither child appears to be depressed, anxious or aggressive. He gave no indications of other significant psychological difficulties.”

Bizarrely, there are no laws on the books preventing parents from introducing their minor children to a regimen of puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones in an attempt to “change” their gender. Indeed, Georgulas introduced into evidence a medical letter of recommendation she procured from Rebekka Ouer of the totally-legitimate Dallas Rainbow Therapy clinic.

“This is a letter of recommendation that my client, James Younger, aka Luna, begin the process of becoming a patient of the GENECIS clinic so that she can receive a full psychological assessment for gender dysphoria and potentially take hormone blockers,” wrote Ouer.

Sorry, James. We can only imagine the kind of life your mother (and this idiotic jury) is sentencing you to.

Written by Andrew

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