What? Connecticut Students Arrested and Charged for Saying the N-Word

We’ve known for some time that American leftists were going to try their hardest to bring to this country the hate speech codes and laws that govern places like the UK and Canada, and it looks like that day has arrived sooner than later. Oblivious of the First Amendment, police officers in Vernon, Connecticut have arrested and charged two white University of Connecticut students for the crime of…saying the N-word.

From NBC News:

Jarred Mitchell Karal, 21, and Ryan Gilman Mucaj, 21, face charges of ridicule on account of race, color, or creed. They were released with a court date set for Oct. 30 at Rockville Superior Court in Vernon, Connecticut.

Karal and Mucaj’s charges could result in a $50 fine or up to 30 days in jail.

NBC sent emails to the two men Tuesday morning requesting comment but did not immediately hear back.

Campus police learned of the incident from social media footage showing Karal and Mucaj shouting epithets in an apartment complex parking lot, a university spokesperson told NBC News. The men were playing a game that involved yelling vulgar words, university police said, and then started shouting epithets. Karal and Mucaj were walking with a third man, whom police said did not shout epithets and was not charged.

Hold up. “Ridicule on account of race, color, or creed?” This is an actual law on the books in Connecticut? Um, if you’re a comedian of any color other than white, we’d suggest that you’d better not go to Connecticut, seeing as how your act almost certainly consists, in part, of mocking white people. And if the use of the N-word is now a crime in Connecticut, then we’d expect that 99% of the hip-hop community will also want to studiously avoid the state.

To be sure, we’re not condoning these students rambling up and down the road shouting expletives and racial slurs. But once we’re at the point where we conflate immaturity and idiocy with criminal activity, we’ve entered a dark wood. The First Amendment is the light that guided this country to achievements that would have been unthinkable before its founding.

America has survived racism. America has survived controversial – even terrible – ideas. What it cannot and will not survive is a government that jails people for saying “bad words.” Let’s hope fervently that this injustice does not stand.

Written by Andrew


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