Warren Wants to End School Choice. Her Kid Went to a Fancy Private School

Democrats are the reigning kings of “rules me thee, but not for me,” and Elizabeth Warren’s crusade against school choice is just one more example of this hypocrisy. The Massachusetts senator is bound and determined to make sure that for-profit charter schools are banned, but when she was sending her own son to school, she made sure he had the best private education that money could buy.

“To keep our traditional public school systems strong,” Warren said in her plan, “we must resist efforts to divert public funds out of traditional public schools.”

Not sure our public schools are all that strong right now. Certainly, there are a number of individual schools throughout the country that are anything BUT strong. They are, in fact, failing our students and passing on a generation of kids to a life filled with few options. This could be easily solved by giving parents a choice of where to send their children. By opening up options that give low-income parents a shot at a high-income education for their kids. But Warren and Democrats who can easily afford to give their children the best of everything want to steal that choice away and force parents into a hopeless, lowest-common-denominator situation. It’s shameful.

From The Daily Caller:

Warren has pledged to reduce education options for families, but she chose to send her son Alexander to Kirby Hall, an elite private school near Austin. Tuition for Kirby Hall’s lower and middle schools — kindergarten through eighth grade — is $14,995 for the 2019-2020 school year. A year of high school costs $17,875.

Kirby Hall’s 1987 yearbook lists Alexander Warren among the school’s fifth-graders. Yearbook photos show Kirby Hall’s Alexander Warren is the same Alexander Warren seen in old family photos with his now-famous mother.

“I do not blame Alex one bit for attending a private school in 5th grade. Good for him,” said Reason Foundation director of school choice Corey DeAngelis, who first flagged Alexander’s private schooling Monday. “This is about Warren exercising school choice for her own kids while fighting hard to prevent other families from having that option.”

Precisely. Warren’s promise to crack down on charter schools is a new one; she supported their mission as recently as 2016. The turnaround is as transparent as it is loathsome; she wants to be the candidate of choice for the teachers’ unions.

And, of course, she knows that her terrible education decisions will never affect her own kids and grandkids, all of whom can easily afford to go to school anywhere they want.

Written by Andrew


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