State Department: Iran is Still “World’s Worst Sponsor of Terrorism”

Things have been quiet on the Iran front in recent months, but a new State Department report is a reminder that the nation remains the “world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism.” If only a single sentence were needed to explain why the Iran nuclear agreement was fatally flawed, this one would do it. This is a country that has made the funding of terrorism a high priority; Obama’s nuke agreement may have deterred Tehran (temporarily) from building the bomb, but it did nothing to curb this appetite for global destruction.

Unfortunately, even with Trump pulling out the nuclear agreement last year, there’s nothing the U.S. can do to get back the billions in frozen funds that Obama idiotically released to the Islamic dictatorship in 2015.

And, as Fox News reports, the regime is making plenty of use of those funds:

The Tehran regime has spent nearly $1 billion per year to support terror groups “that serve as its proxies and expand its malign influence across the globe,” the State Department said. Those groups include Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Iran has also plotted its own terrorist acts around the globe, most notably in Belgium, France, and Germany, according to the department.

Unfortunately, Iran is far from the only ones to worry about when it comes to terrorism. The State Department report noted that our old enemies, Al Qaeda, have continued to grow in the years since the worst terror attack in global history.

“Despite our sustained efforts since Sept. 11, 2001, and the group’s leadership losses, Al Qaeda’s regional affiliates continue to expand their ranks, plot, and carry out attacks, as well as raise funds and inspire new recruits through social media and virtual technologies,” the State Department said.

If there is good news on the terrorism front, however, it comes from our sustained and successful assault on the Islamic State. The State Department report said that the U.S. and allies freed “nearly all territory ISIS previously held in Iraq and Syria” in 2018, allowing us to put the final nail in the caliphate’s coffin earlier this year. That victory was hammered home just last week when U.S. special forces raided a compound in Northern Syria, leading to the suicide of ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In today’s era, where everything is politicized beyond imagination, Trump’s critics couldn’t even give him credit for that enormous strike against America’s enemies. But while their criticism is cynical and malevolent, they are right about one thing: The death of one man, or even the destruction of one terrorist group, is not the end of the War on Terror. Until and unless Islamism as an ideology is eradicated, this cancer will continue to fester.

Written by Andrew

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