Poll: College Republicans Not Willing to Discuss Their Political Views with Professors

According to a new Harvard University poll, only 35% of young Republicans attending colleges and universities across the country feel comfortable openly discussing their political views with their professors. This result, shared and analyzed by The College Fix, sheds new light on a growing problem on our national campus ecosystem, where liberal orthodoxy has grown so entrenched that to even question its tenets can result in academic failure and even disciplinary action.

From the College Fix:

The poll found that only 35 percent of Republicans between the ages of 18 and 29 felt comfortable sharing their political opinions with their college professors, highlighting a severe disparity when compared to Democrats and independents, who polled at 54 percent and 51 percent, respectively, on sharing views with educators.

On a press call Monday, Harvard sophomore Cathy Sun, who was involved in the creation of the Institute of Politics poll, noted the disparity, saying “the poll results showed that Republicans are far less likely to feel comfortable sharing their political views with their professor.”

“When it comes to sharing political views with parents or friends, we find Democrats and Republicans are overwhelmingly, and nearly equally, comfortable in these situations. However, when it comes to sharing political views in a college setting, significant differences emerge: young Republicans are far less comfortable than those who are Democrats or are unaffiliated,” a news release on the poll stated.

That paragraph is important because it destroys any defense that might pop up saying that Republicans are just naturally more reluctant to share their political opinions in a social setting. And it also diminishes the argument that young Republicans are simply aware of their social surroundings and therefore less likely to start an unnecessary fight with a bunch of avowed liberals. When you take those two control factors out of the equation, you can come to only one conclusion: College professors are making it very clear which political opinions are acceptable in the classroom…and which ones aren’t.

In a study conducted in 2018, researchers from Brooklyn College and George Mason University looked at faculty voter registration at 40 of the top universities in the nation. In their analysis of 7,243 professors, the researchers found that Democrats outnumber Republicans by an astounding 11 to 1.

And yet, with all of this, it’s still young leftists who clamor for their “safe spaces.”

Written by Andrew

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