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Democrats: If Trump Gets Reelected, We’ll Just Impeach Him Again

In statements that say a multitude of things simultaneously, two House Democrats recently told the press that if President Trump defeats impeachment charges and win reelection next November…why, the Democrats can just impeach him again for something else entirely.

These remarks not only prove that the current impeachment process has nothing to do with what Trump said or did in regards to Ukraine, they prove that Democrats are willing to do anything to defy the will of the American people. They also say, in screaming bright neon letters, that voters need to think long and hard about giving the House majority to these weasels again.

In comments to TMZ, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) mused about how the Democrats might restart impeachment proceedings after the election.

“It might not be the same articles of impeachment, because the odds are we would have a ton more information. And then the odds of that, sadly enough, is that you know, he probably has other examples of criminal behavior,” she said.

Judging by Democrats’ view of what qualifies as “criminal behavior,” we don’t doubt the truth of that prediction.

“Even though we are impeaching him now, there’s still a number of court cases, there’s a ton of information that could come forward. For example, we could get his bank records and find out that he’s owned a hundred percent by the Russians,” Bass continued.

Sure. You might find out he’s an alien from the planet Zorbinaught, and therefore unqualified to be president. Why not state it as a fact right now, just so the American people will be primed to believe it?

In a recent interview, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) was similarly excited about the prospect of impeaching Trump again.

“The Constitution allows a president to be impeached more than once. If we impeach now, or at some time in the near future, for one issue that we clearly should, then we find later that the president has other issues that merit impeachment, we can impeach again. There is no limit on the number of times,” Green said, practically salivating.

Looking back over what we’ve written here, we realize that it reads like satire. It sounds like something The Onion or The Babylon Bee would come up with, that’s how idiotic it is. The sad thing is that it’s all true. This is how Democrats really think!

On the one hand, it’s hilarious. On the other…it’s downright scary.

Written by Andrew

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