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Bloomberg: “Average American” Shouldn’t Be Carrying a Gun

Asked to remark on Sunday’s near-catastrophe at a church in White Settlement, Texas, 2020 Democratic contender Michael Bloomberg admitted that, having reviewed the evidence and watched the video, that he was completely wrong about his draconian stance on gun control. He praised the hero of the shooting, Jack Wilson, and the other parishioners who drew their weapons in the face of evil. He promised to abandon his tireless efforts to disarm the public and devote the rest of his presidential campaign to atoning for his mistakes.

No, of course none of that happened.

With his armed guards nearby, Bloomberg told an Alabama audience that we should just leave our individual protection to the police and leave the Second Amendment in the dustbin of history.

“You just do not want the average American carrying a gun in a crowded place,” said Bloomberg.

Well, we’re not sure who Bloomberg is referring to when he says “you” or “average American,” but we’re pretty sure that the “average Americans” in that Texas church are extremely grateful that the Second Amendment exists. We’re pretty sure they are all ABOUT good guys with guns being armed and ready in case a psychopath makes his move. We’re pretty sure they are glad they weren’t left to depend on the police for their protection on Sunday, because a whole lot of them would not have been around to thank them for their rapid response.

With their frequent exhortations for “common sense” gun control, people like Bloomberg cast themselves as heroes of the people, fighting hard to protect Americans from Republicans, guns, and the NRA. But the truth is that it is Bloomberg who is wildly out of touch with the people, and he is an enemy to the Bill of Rights. His gun control policies would do nothing to save a single life and they would do nothing to stop a single mass shooting. Instead, they would only ensure that these psychos have plenty of target-rich environments from which to choose.

It’s great that the New York billionaire politicians of the world can afford/be afforded armed protection. Unfortunately, that’s a bit out of reach for the “average American” that Bloomberg clearly disdains so much. So we’ll rely on our freedom to keep and bear arms, just as our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers did. And hopefully, there are enough of us still around to make sure that elitists like you, Mayor Bloomberg, never exert your unconstitutional will on our free society.

Written by Andrew

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