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Cruz Takes Warren to the Woodshed for “Dictator” Plan to Bypass Congress

With Bernie Sanders supporters threatening to turn the 2020 primaries into a war on her dishonest tactics, Sen. Elizabeth Warren once again found herself in a position Tuesday to prove that she was just as willing to give away the farm if it meant attracting young, socialist voters to her side. With the race slowly but surely slipping out of her grasp, Warren revealed a new plan to cancel student loan debt for up to 42 million Americans…and to hell with any pathetic “Congress” that might stand in her way.

“When I was elected to the Senate, I used every opportunity and tool available to ease the burden of student debt,” Warren tweeted. “I fought to lower interest rates, refinance loans, and hold loan servicers and debt collectors accountable for breaking the law and hurting borrowers. Understand this: The Department of Education has broad authority to end the student loan debt crisis. When I’m president, I plan to use that authority.

“Canceling student loan debt is a racial justice issue,” she continued. “We have a student loan crisis—and we can’t afford to wait for Congress to act. I’ve already proposed a student loan debt cancellation plan, and on day one of my presidency, I’ll use existing laws to start providing that debt cancellation immediately.”

The plan drew consternation and scorn from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who questioned Warren on how, exactly, she planned to enact her plan without the aid of Congress.

“Which clause of the Constitution gives a President the authority to give away a trillion $ w/o Congress?” Cruz asked. “And if you like this policy, how would you feel if/when a GOP president does it for something you don’t like? Here’s a better idea: follow the Const & don’t be a dictator.”

According to some analysts, though, Warren’s plan would not be without some precedent. Already, the Department of Education enjoys the freedom to cancel student loan debt when the debtors in question meet certain criteria. They may become disabled, they may be able to prove that their school cheated them in some way, what have you. Warren’s argument is that if the DOE has the authority to cancel debt in certain instances, it can do so under any circumstances.

That’s not a legally outrageous argument, but for Warren to pretend that it won’t run into congressional pushback is intellectually dishonest, at best. What’s more, it wouldn’t even necessarily take a Republican-controlled Congress. Many, even on the left, are fearful that a student loan debt cancellation plan would overwhelmingly benefit the rich and not, as Warren puts it, move “racial justice” further along. And even if Warren did somehow manage to get her cancellation scheme past Congress and the courts, it would almost certainly be a one-time deal that would effectively put an end to federally-subsidized student loans…forever.

Warren is proposing a plan that will not only devastate American taxpayers but also risk making college into (again) an option that only the well-off can afford. Such are the pitfalls of “sounds good” left-wing policies; all too often, they hurt the very people they’re meant to help.

Written by Andrew

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