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Democrat Donor Crosses His Fingers for “Financial Crisis” to Hurt Trump

Not since Bill Maher got on his program to pray for a recession have we seen a Democrat so willing to subject millions of people to economic doom just so they can get rid of President Donald Trump. Democratic donor and investment consultant Dan Nathan was on MSNBC with host Stephanie Ruhle on Friday, and he could barely contain his glee at the prospect of a “global financial crisis” that might actually give Democrats something to run on in the general election. Nothing like cheering against your own country, man.

Nathan told Ruhle that while yes, we have historic levels of employment, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

“The labor market is really tight, and economically, in an election year, that could pose a really big problem when you think about it here because we’re just not seeing the sort of economic growth that you might expect at this stage of the recovery over the last ten years,” he said, nonsensically.

“And so, if companies are having a hard time finding skilled workers, that means there’s going to be wage pressure which could weigh on profit margins. And at this stage of the game, with valuations where they are, with a stock market at all-time highs, you could see that as a sort of sign at top that profit margins start declining,” he continued.

“So all of those three things pose real issues for this administration in an election year because if you did have some sort of head wind to economic growth, it’s already facing coronavirus right now, and then really the head winds of the trade war, you have a really difficult situation,” he said, practically giddy at the idea.

Ruhle wasn’t entirely taken in by this strange outlook.

“But do you have a difficult situation?” she asked. “Look at the stock market. Look at corporate America. As far as the winning economy that the President needs from now until November, do you really see that changing?”

Nathan won her over, though, by mentioning the 2008 financial crisis.

“And that’s the thing that really sunk John McCain’s candidacy then,” he said, salivating. “Think about 2018, you know what happened in Q4 2018? The stock market fell 20%. You know what also happened? The Dems took back the House in that period.”

This is literally the first guy we’ve ever seen suggest that the stock market had something to do with Democrats taking back the House.

“Nobody can tell you what’s going to happen, you know, in October or November of this year, but they all pose risk for this administration because the stock market at all-time highs is backward looking, it’s not forward looking. And so, if the stock market were to tumble this year, if we don’t get near the 3% GDP growth that this administration has been talking about for years, these are all things that Dems can run on and they pose a problem,” he concluded.

Yeah. Only problem is: The Democrat who actually has a shot at the nomination is an avowed socialist whose programs will shrink the economy, not expand it. So…there’s that.

Please, though: Don’t let that stop you from wishing harm on the global economy just so you can get one of your guys in the White House. It really comes off well.

Written by Andrew

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