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CNN Guest Says Black Trump Supporters Should be Ashamed of Themselves

With some polls showing that Trump may improve his share of the black vote by double digits in November, it’s clear that Democrats are getting nervous about what that may mean to their chances of winning the election – to say nothing about the future of their party. If black voters start migrating to the Republican Party in any significant numbers, the Democratic Party is basically finished. So naturally, it’s time for wiser, liberal black commentators to put these traitors in their place.

So it happened that CNN guest Tara Setmayer and political commentator Angela Rye discussed Trump’s African-American outreach efforts on Wednesday night. And it was during this conversation that Rye said that any black person thinking about supporting the president should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t go against the hivemind, yo. There will be consequences.

Asked by Don Lemon about this outreach, Setmayer said, “Well, I think it’s smart of them to do this. They think — it’s true, he only needs a couple of percentage points. He over-performed last time with black voters that people didn’t see coming. He had better numbers than McCain did or Romney. It’s a smart play for them politically. They have the money to do it.

“How much impact it actually has remains to be seen,” she continued. “You know, how you do this, the way you message things makes a huge difference. The president does have criminal justice reform, at least as something tangible that he can go into these communities with. But that’s about it. Although the black unemployment, which we hear constantly over and over again, but I don’t know that Black America’s looking at this saying, ‘yeah, we want four more years of this guy’ when all the other transgressions, racial transgressions that come out of his mouth and this White House are just too much.”

That was when Rye went much further in criticizing any African-American who would stand behind Trump and his message.

“I think Donald Trump does not have a strong record to stand on as it relates to black unemployment,” she said, idiotically. “He has Barack Obama’s record to stand on with that, and I think that at some point, black folks have got to look themselves in the mirror and say, hey, do I want to follow Mark Burns? Do I want to follow Katrina Pierson? Do I want to follow Diamond and Silk? Who the hell are these people, right?”

Uh, who the hell are YOU, Angela?

“Instead, you want to give Donald Trump kudos for throwing Cheez-It bits at you and then criticize the people who have spent their careers doing things for the betterment of black people and black society,” Rye continued. “And I would just say at that point, if you still go over to Donald Trump after that, shame on you. Period.”

Well, maybe black voters are starting to realize that all of those Democrat charlatans that have “spent their careers doing things for the betterment of black people and black society” actually haven’t done a damn thing. These are the kinds of people who run Baltimore, who run Chicago, and who run to the cameras every time a black youth is shot by police. They aren’t getting anything done; they’re making things worse while lining their own pockets. Trump, on the other hand, has actually made a difference.

If it’s “shameful” to prefer reality over rhetoric, then that says a lot about where the Democratic Party is these days.

Written by Andrew

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