Feminist Mourns Liz Warren: “Don’t Tell Me This Isn’t About Sexism.”

It was no surprise to see feminists from sea to shining sea (well, at least those living next to those seas, anyway) blame misogyny and sexism for Elizabeth Warren’s failed campaign on Thursday. Chief among the BLAME MEN brigade was Jessica Valenti, one of the most annoying feminazis on the internet (and think about the ground THAT covers). She was, of course, distraught beyond words. Well okay, not beyond words. That was just our wishful thinking.

Valenti’s headline: It Will Be Hard to Get Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren

Subhead: I’ve had to come to terms with America’s sexism again and again

Now that we’re primed to understand what a difficult, burdensome life Valenti has been forced to lead over her 20 years of feminist blogging, we can get into the meat of the matter: Her mourn eulogy for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign and what it means for our hopelessly sexist nation.

“It’s enough to make me feel, well, despairing: that we had the candidate of a lifetime — someone with the energy, vision, and follow-through to lead the country out of our nightmarish era — and that the media and voters basically outright erased and ignored her,” Valenti writes.

We assume that she’s being 100% serious when she refers to Warren as the “candidate of a lifetime.”

“Don’t tell me this isn’t about sexism. I’ve been around too long for that,” Valenti continues.

Yeah well, when all you have is a hammer…

“Whoever the nominee is, their campaign is going to have to come to terms with the intense misogyny so many female voters have dealt with — and understand that it’s an issue we care deeply about,” she continues. “And their supporters are going to have to let us be sad — depressed, even — that once again we’re going to watch a race to leadership between old white men.”

Well, the good news is that no one’s stopping you from feeling sad and depressed about white men vying for the presidency. You may get mocked, but you know, that’s just part of the deal when you get emotional about stuff that you shouldn’t get emotional about. You can sit home and refuse to vote, but that’s probably not going to convince the Democratic Party that they really need to run a woman next time. You can write blogs like this one, screaming hysterically into the void, but you can’t make people care.

Also, Jessica, let’s not pretend that this is really about gender. As one of your own commenters brilliantly said:

“I think I will bookmark this and save it to see what the author says if and when the Rs nominate Nikki Hayley in 2024. My guess is that Jessica will argue that Hayley isn’t really a woman because she’s against abortion, and therefore it’s not ‘sexist’ to oppose her.”

Yeah. That’s our guess, too.

Written by Andrew


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