Dossier Author Says He Won’t Cooperate With Barr’s 2016 Investigation

In a speech at Oxford University in England last week, former British spy Christopher Steele said he has no intentions of cooperating with an investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Trump/Russia probe in 2016. In remarks that ranged from arrogant to delusional, Steele said that he continues to stand by the work in his infamous dossier – the same dossier that has long been debunked as a collection of unfounded rumors, Russian disinformation, and outright fairy tales.

In what amounts to his first public remarks since the dossier reached a mainstream audience in early 2017, Steele said that the Mueller Report was flawed, insofar as it didn’t do any “drilling down into financial networks and leverage,” which he said was the “way Russian influence works.” Imagine thinking that after three years of investigations, none of the U.S. intelligence agencies bothered to look at financial connections between Trump and Russia.

According to The Daily Beast, Steele said that he spent two days being interviewed by Mueller’s team, but he was later “surprised that very little of what I had discussed with them appeared in the final report.”

Well, maybe it was just too embarrassing to include, Chris. Indeed, if the “13 Angry Democrats” had found any of what you said even remotely credible, you can be sure they would have stuffed it into the report. Mueller was under enormous pressure to bring down this president; he would have used everything up to and including the kitchen sink if it helped him do it. If your interview didn’t give him any ammunition, we can promise the fault lied with you, Chris, and not the Mueller team.

Steele then turned his attention to the ongoing investigation into the origins of the “Crossfire Hurricane” probe, which ultimately failed to turn up any evidence that the Trump campaign was working in concert with Moscow. Attorney General William Barr has put U.S. Attorney John Durham in charge of backtracking the FBI’s footsteps, a mission that includes interviewing those who claimed to have incriminating evidence at the time.

This would ordinarily include Steele himself, but the former MI:6 agent said he would not be cooperating with the investigation.

“As far as I’m concerned,” he said, “we’ve said everything we have to say on the matter.”

Yeah, but the problem is that everything you’ve said turned out to be factually incorrect.

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