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Reporter Bashes Trump for Wearing “USA” Hat. Twitter Responds.

No matter how serious the crisis, left-wingers in the media can be counted on to point the conversation back to just how terrible President Donald Trump is. If these idiots aren’t telling us that terms like “Wuhan virus” are racist, then they’re laser-focused on the president. If any of these reporters come down with COVID-19, they may not even notice because of the already-ravaging effects of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Case in point is Chris Megerian of the Los Angeles Times, who was covering President Trump’s Saturday morning briefing for his Twitter followers. Instead of sticking to the actual news of the event, though, Megerian decided to throw some red meat to all the Trump haters on social media.

“Trump is at the White House addressing a national emergency over a global pandemic while wearing a baseball hat you can buy on his campaign website,” wrote Megerian.

Apparently the reporter was angered by the sight of President Trump wearing a ball cap that said USA on the front. He might have guessed that criticizing this look would not go over well, but…then again, maybe he didn’t. When you spend your life in Californiastan, you could easily forget that around the country, there actually are still people who love America.

No worries; Twitter users reminded him.

“Thanks for the ad, Chris!” wrote Republican media strategist Caleb Hull, linking to the president’s campaign website.

“This poor reporter was triggered by seeing the President wear a hat with ‘USA’ proudly emblazoned on it,” noted the Trump campaign’s Matt Wolking. “I guess we should cut him some slack. His bio says he ‘Previously covered the Russia investigation,’ so he’s probably pretty frustrated that he wasted a significant portion of his life on the collusion hoax and has to accept that Donald Trump is still president.”

Other responses were just as withering:

“Oh wow.  The president of the USA wearing a USA hat.”

“We get it. You hate the United States of America.”

“The US has a pandemic of TDS sufferers. Let’s find a cure to this terrible syndrome.”

And then there was this sober reply from Melvin Gaines: “From now on, when I find juvenile tweets from the MSM like this one, I will just put it out there that it is the media’s responsibility to report MEANINGFUL, if not vital, news to assist and inform the public, and to keep petty, partisan opinions out of it.”

Yeah, sorry, Mr. Gaines, but that’s the old way. Today, it’s a contest on social media for journalists to prove who’s the most woke, the most anti-Trump, and the most eaten up with hatred for America. Reporting, to the extent it still occurs, is strictly secondary.

Written by Andrew

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