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Desperately Defending China: The American Media Should Be Ashamed

At a time like this, you almost expect clueless liberals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Linda Sarsour, Rep. Ted Lieu, and others like them to focus on the “racism” of blaming China for the coronavirus. That’s the kind of chucklehead nonsense that rattles around in their lower-functioning brains. It would be like blaming your dog for eating too much in a single sitting. Dumb people are going to say dumb things. To expect anything more would be madness.

But the rush to defend China in the face of the indefensible isn’t just limited to the known idiots of our society. It’s all over the media – Democrats and pundits desperately slinging identity politics and Chinese propaganda in order to prop up Beijing and tarnish American conservatives. Is this just another example of how badly Trump Derangement Syndrome infected the nation even before COVID-19 got here? Or is there something even more sinister at play?

Look what they were doing on Tuesday’s CBS Evening News: Devoting a whole segment to praising China for how they “attacked” the virus and stopped it from spreading. What? Why would anyone give Beijing credit for that after they spent the crucial first month of the disease trying to cover it up? Are we just going to forget about that part? Are we just going to ignore the fact that the nation’s reprehensible food safety regulations (or lack thereof) caused this disease in the first place?

“In China, the government attacked,” reported correspondent Ramy Inocencio. “In the epidemic’s heart of Wuhan, city officials built two hospitals with more than 2,000 beds in the span of a few weeks. To stop the spread, a massive lockdown radiated out to nearly 60 million people across central China.”

First of all, this is nonsense. China locked down Wuhan and went on the “attack” against the coronavirus only after denying it was even a thing for more than a month. Hell, they were on their way to imprisoning a doctor speaking out on the crisis. Sadly, that doctor died before Beijing could punish him for telling the truth.

But sure, let’s praise China for getting out ahead of this virus that has now infected more than 200,000 people worldwide. That makes sense.

Or how about this other ridiculousness, where you have pundits like MSNBC’s Karine Jean-Pierre sounding the alarm over President Trump calling it a “Chinese virus.”

Look at the hysteria she was spreading on Tuesday: “I wanted to say the xenophobia and the racism in outbreaks is such a common thing. We’ve seen it in past health outbreaks that we’ve seen in this country’s history. The problem is it’s coming directly from the President of the United States. And it is incredibly dangerous, it is problematic, and it is scary. And I just really want to call that out because you do have people in the Asian-American community whose lives are at risk. And for the President to call it a Chinese virus or a foreign virus, that is not — it’s just so dangerous and not a good thing to do, obviously.”

Please note that there have been exactly zero documented cases of American racists punishing Asian-Americans for the coronavirus. It’s made up, just like 90% of the “hate crimes” we’ve seen in the Trump era. This is just another excuse to defend China and trash the president.

We need to get these idiots off the air.

Written by Andrew


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