Joy Reid Slams “Privileged White” Bernie Voters for Not Embracing Biden

This week, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders finally threw his endorsement to Joe Biden, bringing the 2020 Democratic primaries to an uneventful and unceremonious conclusion. But even though the popular socialist told his supporters that it would be “irresponsible” not to get behind the presumptive nominee, many of Bernie’s fans have said they will not vote for Biden under any circumstances. Angered by what they perceive as Biden’s “moderate” agenda and disturbed by the sexual assault allegations against him, they have vowed to either stay home in November, vote third party, or cast their lot in with President Trump.

Among the fiercest NeverBiden commentators is progressive Kyle Kulinski, who said this week that he would be happy to shoulder the “blame” for President Trump winning a second term.

“As a left-winger who will not vote for Biden I want you to know I’m 100% okay with you blaming me if Trump wins a second term. I mean it. Blame me. Then get to thinking real hard how you’re gonna get me to support your candidate the next time! Maybe even ask me, I’ll tell you!” Kulinski said. “We shouldn’t be defensive about this. If they’re blaming us for Trump that’s an admission that they need us to win. If they need us to win then they need to make concessions. Own it!”

Noting Kulinski’s reaction, MSNBC’s Joy Reid went racial, blasting Bernie’s “white voters” for being too “privileged” to see how important it is to support Joe Biden.

“What this kind of thing says to me is that these are not ‘left-wing’ voters,” Reid tweeted. “They are privileged white voters who demand to be bowed down to, no different than Trump’s voters want those who are not white and Christian to take the knee for them like in the ‘good old days.’ These are voters whose primary concern is that everyone else kneel. That’s it. Kneel. Or they threaten the rest of us with the endless torment of Trumpism. Caged children. Viral death. Poverty. Want. Voter Suppression. Muslim bans. Of course none of this harms or impacts them.

“Well here is reality,” she continued. “No one is going to kneel. Those who get the danger of Trumpism are going to vote & find enough fellow voters committed to doing the right thing. The danger to living, breathing people is real. Most don’t have the luxury to pout over their preferred candidate.”

In the immediate aftermath of Sanders’ endorsement of Biden, two of his most prominent surrogates announced that they would not be following their hero over to the dark side. His former press secretary Briahna Joy Gray and one of his chief media supporters, writer Shaun King, both said pointedly that Biden did NOT have their endorsement.

Neither King nor Gray is white.

But hey, don’t let us interrupt a good old fashioned round of left-on-left violence. In fact, put some popcorn in the microwave, because we’ve got a feeling that the fun is only just beginning.

Written by Andrew

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