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Aww: Obama is “Heartbroken” By Donald Trump’s Presidency

According to a report in The New York Post this weekend, former President Barack Obama is ready and raring to put all of his effort into helping Joe Biden win the presidency this November. According to the report, which is based on interviews with former Obama administration officials and other insiders, Obama is “sharpening his knives for President Trump.”

“He is very eager to do this,” one former senior Obama official told the paper. “I certainly expect President Obama to be very active.”

“The coronavirus disaster and the [federal] government’s inability to lead on it is searing in his brain … more than anything else Trump has done,” said another insider. “Obama is generally heartbroken by the Donald Trump presidency.”

Yeah, well, it was Obama’s administration that was pouring millions of dollars into the Wuhan laboratory where this virus probably escaped from, so…

Oh, and it was also the Obama administration that allowed the federal stockpile of ventilators and masks to go to rot.

As for being “generally heartbroken” by the Trump presidency, well, we don’t doubt it. The greatest thing about the Trump presidency has been the efficiency with which DJT has dismantled the Obama agenda piece by misbegotten piece. Iran deal? History. Paris Climate Agreement? Out the door. Obamacare mandate? Gone. Onerous environmental regulations? Yesterday’s news. Trump has made it his mission to erase the Obama legacy down to the last jot and tittle…and he’s done quite a good job of it.

Alas, even though Obama may be eager to help Biden win, it remains to be seen how effective his endorsement will be. After all, unless things change in a hurry, campaign rallies are going to be out the window for as long as this disease is in the air.

“While COVID-19 has put an end to in-person events, President Obama can still be deployed in a number of ways to help Vice President Biden, including unlocking his massive fundraising network, continuing to be visible in online videos that get big audiences, serving as a high-profile surrogate in a wide range of media and helping unify the party to face Trump,” Democratic strategist Eric Koch told the paper.

That’s all well and good, but even the best salesman needs a good product if he’s going to be successful. Obama’s problem, insofar as it comes to ending Trump’s presidency, is that he’s stuck with a born loser in Joe Biden.

Barack might have to resign himself to another four years of heartbreak.

Written by Andrew


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