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Media Promotes Biden’s Absurd Claim That Trump Will Cancel Election

The mainstream media can hardly bring themselves to mention the name “Tara Reade” on their airwaves, but boy, they have no problem promoting Joe Biden’s absurd and dangerous claim that President Trump will find a way to cancel or postpone the 2020 election. It is worth remembering that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Trump would try such a thing, which would be a profound violation of the Constitution and would, for the first time, actually bring us to that “constitutional crisis” point that liberals have been warning us about for the duration of Trump’s presidency.

But when it comes to Democrats throwing stones at Trump, no evidence is necessary. The media is proud to echo these attacks, give them credence, and treat them with serious consideration. And since they know that Biden is stuck in his living room, unable to go out there and make this case for himself, they’re more than happy to do his bidding for him.

On Sunday, Chuck Todd and Willie Geist spent some time on “Meet the Press” going over Biden’s assertion. Did they accuse Biden of trying to undermine faith in democracy? Did they call his suggestion of a canceled election a dangerous incitement of left-wing lunatics? No, of course not. They simply sat around and mused about it, as if this was merely a potent political strategy and not an outlandish, evidence-free accusation.

“He said in an interview something a couple days ago, quote, ‘I think’ — talking about President Trump – ‘He is going to try to kick back the election somehow, come up with a rationale why it can’t be held.’ Joe Biden suggesting there may not be an election in November,” said Geist.

“Is that a widely viewed worry among Democrats?” asked Todd. “I’d say it’s more of a, ‘he wouldn’t do that, would he?’ type of question you get from some on the left. I think this is one of those you know, this used to be attributed to LBJ, Willie, sometimes you say things and you’re like I don’t know if it’s true or not, make your opponent deny it.”

Ah. This is just a classic political gambit and not a dangerous idea meant to make voters think that Trump is on the verge of turning into an American dictator? Cool.

“What’s the downside of the Vice President saying it?” Todd continued. “It fires up the Democratic base. Reminds them to show up and vote, and then it sort of forces your opponent to say, ‘Oh no, I’m not going to delay the election.’ Which, of course, they’d like to get him on the record saying just that.”

What’s the…what’s the downside?!

We’d like you to remember back in 2016 when Trump suggested – just suggested – that he would “wait and see” whether or not he’d accept the results of the election. Do you recall the outrage? Do you remember people like Keith Olbermann getting red in the face, accusing Trump of fomenting civil war? Liberals were beside themselves. We certainly don’t remember Chuck Todd grinning and saying, “Oh, you know, what’s the downside? It’s just harmless fun!”

It’s especially ironic, because these same media cretins are bending over backwards to promote Stacey Abrams to be Biden’s running mate. Abrams, you’ll remember, didn’t just TALK about refusing to accept the results of an election – she actually did it.

But yeah, let’s worry about Trump’s dictatorial tendencies. That makes sense. All the sense in the world.

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