Jane Fonda Wants to Use Stimulus Money to Fund Climate Agenda

Never let a crisis go to waste, say the Democrats, and man have they ever been shameless in using the coronavirus pandemic for their special agenda. If they aren’t rallying to empty prisons, they’re pressuring Trump to open the borders. If they aren’t savagely attacking Trump for being “racist” against the Chinese, they’re arguing that the coronavirus is worse for black Americans than anyone else. And, of course, climate change. Somehow it always, always, always comes back to climate change.

Actress and leftist fruitcake Jane Fonda has, of course, been at the forefront of this nonsense. Last week, she hosted a monthly “Fire Drill Friday” online climate rally in which she argued that money from the coronavirus stimulus package should fund the United States’ transition from a fossil-fuel economy to a Green New economy.

“These historic sums of stimulus money aren’t going to happen again, maybe even during our lifetimes. And where they go and how they are spent will determine so much about what kind of future we have,” Fonda said. “So while we insist on more funding to heal the effects of this pandemic, we must also insist that the money is used to lay the foundation for a clean, sustainable energy future as well as justice and dignity and a level playing field for all workers.”

Someone please explain to us how the coronavirus stimulus can provide “dignity” for workers.

Fonda also used the virtual rally to trash President Trump’s administration, accusing the president and Republicans of trying “to ram through bailouts for the already privileged and the powerful” while the saintly Democrats “have fought to include financial aid for workers and small businesses, and hospitals.”

Fonda must have been too busy with her aerobics to notice the two weeks in which Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were actually blocking stimulus funding for small business loans.

“We have to say ‘no’ to bailouts for corporate executives and oil billionaires and ‘yes’ to immediately protecting the most vulnerable among us,” she said. “Fossil fuel executives don’t give a fuzzy rat’s ass about workers or communities’ well being. Now’s the time to invest in economic relief and stimulus measures that put all workers and families first, not big corporations.”

Makes a lot of sense, except for the fact that corporate executives, oil billionaires, and big corporations employ millions of Americans. Not sure how many people are employed by Big Windmill, on the other hand.

Democrats and their rabid activists have made it quite clear that they want to reimagine America in the wake of the coronavirus. We should be thanking the Big Man Upstairs every day that they aren’t in a position to do so.

Written by Andrew

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