Ellen: You Don’t Love Your Child If You Don’t Let Them Gender-Transition

Well, we’ve reached the very peak of transgender propaganda at this point. When talk show host Ellen DeGeneres invited actress Gabrielle Union on her show Monday to discuss the fact that Union and her husband, NBA star Dwyane Wade, are allowing their pre-teen son to transition into a girl, we knew it was going to be an irritating glimpse into modern-day insanity. But even going into it with clear eyes about the depths to which pro-LGBT activist celebrities will sink when promoting their values, we were still surprised that Union and DeGeneres sunk to the levels they did.

Ellen jumped things off by bringing up a recent interview she did with Wade.

“He was on the show recently and talking about your daughter, Zaya, and her transition. And it’s like, I know this is silly to say because, you know, who doesn’t love their children unconditionally, but I guess a lot of people don’t. But it’s so amazing how supportive you’ve both been,” DeGeneres said.

Wow, take that, all you parents out there who aren’t rushing to put your son in a dress at the first sign of gender confusion. Loving your child means giving in to whatever fantasies they might have about reality, didn’t you know that? True, any parent approving of gender transition ten years ago would be raked over the coals by even the wokest liberal in the country, but never mind all that. We decided the day before yesterday that transgender is totally a real thing and it totally and scientifically means that some people are born in the “wrong” bodies. And so if you are standing in the way of that, you are basically a terrible parent.

Say, do we still consider Rachel Dolezal a nutcase? Okay, just checking.

“Yeah, I mean, to us, it’s a little odd to get any kind of recognition for doing what, you know, you are supposed to do, which is love and accept and embrace your kids,” said Union. “So it’s odd to get recognition for that. But unfortunately there are so many people who just don’t. They just don’t. And so many people who really truly feel like their kids are disposable. If they’re not perfect images of them, they aren’t interested. And it’s heartbreaking. So for us, we are just doing what’s natural to us and loving her. There she is! There is our girl. Yeah, we just want happy, healthy, you know, compassionate kids.”

Ellen replied: “Zaya is very, very lucky to have both of you as parents and it is unfortunate that a lot of people have children thinking they can mold them and make them who they want them to be and have a certain idea of what they are supposed to turn out like. But they all turn out different.”

Right. So if you don’t want your son to follow his dream of “becoming a girl” at the age of 12, then you are just a backwards hillbilly who would rather disown your kids than see them become anything other than a carbon-copy of yourself. Makes perfect sense. So glad Ellen DeGeneres and Gabrielle Union are here to explain to America how things should be.

Written by Andrew

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