Leftist TV Host: “Americans Have a Childlike Understanding of Freedom”

We’re pretty accustomed to the arrogance of leftists, but even in an era where Democrats and their enablers regularly talk about Trump supporters and conservatives as if we were all suffering from some collective mental deficiency, it’s been a while since we’ve seen someone as insufferably condescending as Anand Giridharadas. Appearing on PBS’s “Amanpour & Co.” to promote his new Vice TV show, the far-left author and pundit said that conservatives protesting the coronavirus lockdowns were demonstrating a “childlike” obsession with freedom.

Host Hari Sreenivasan kicked off the segment, saying, “We recently had the author and professor Tom Nichols on, and he said, ‘You know what, that freedom is confused with the type of freedom that children have.’ But you also went on in your program and talked about how there is a certain tyranny in life with no government at all. Explain that.”

Giridharadas said, “You know, many Americans have a child-like understanding of freedom, as you say, and what that consists of is an understanding of freedom that in many ways goes back to our founding, of freedom obsession I would say, these Americans have, in which freedom is defined as the absence of government or government doing as little as possible or government leaving you alone.

“But for a great many Americans with this infantile understanding of freedom, that is it. That is freedom. Freedom is being left alone by the government,” he continued. “And it’s being paranoid about the government being more interested in you than you are actually interesting, right? Government’s coming for your guns, government’s coming to, you know, regulate your food away. Government’s coming to, you know, tell you who you can meet. Government’s coming to manipulate you through, you know, its allies in the fake news, I mean, this kind of paranoid attitude, of government coming to get you.”

Yeah. Imagine that. Imagine having a “freedom obsession” that (he admits) goes all the way back to the founding of this country. What an awful thing. We assume if we had more people like Anand, American citizens would be subservient, good little state drones, willing to pay our (sky-high) taxes and shut up. Willing to go to work long hours so that half our paycheck could go to subsidize those layabouts who don’t care to do the same. What a glorious utopia that would be, eh?

“And so this childlike freedom obsession that tens of millions of Americans unfortunately have is literally killing us in this pandemic they are so focused on government oppressing them through lockdowns that they don’t understand that you can end up way more oppressed by a virus — you can end up way more oppressed by not having economic security — you can end up way more oppressed by having the kind of health care system that encourages people to stay home instead of get tested,” Giridharadas  continued.

Except for the tiny fact that the tests are free?

Sorry, but if being suspicious about the government’s motives and being loath to give up freedoms in exchange for security makes us “childlike” in the eyes of this socialist, we’ll just have to deal with that. Apparently he thinks guys like the “freedom obsessed” George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were similarly childlike, so we’ll consider ourselves in good company.

Written by Andrew

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