“Horrifying”: NY Times Staffers Overreact to Op-Ed From Sen. Tom Cotton

In a hysterical overreaction that has become all too common in this modern age of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and cancel culture, dozens of New York Times staffers feigned horror and outrage after the paper published an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). Typically unable to process viewpoints that don’t match up buckle and tongue with their woke, “social justice” ideology, these staffers blasted their employer for daring to give a platform to Cotton, who called for the military to play a role in tamping down the fiery unrest unfolding in dozens of American cities.

In the column, headlined “Tom Cotton: Send in the Troops,” the Arkansas Republican said President Trump could no longer stand idly by and watch as Democrat leaders passively allow hooligans and thugs to destroy our treasured cities.

“These rioters, if not subdued, not only will destroy the livelihoods of law-abiding citizens but will also take more innocent lives. Many poor communities that still bear scars from past upheavals will be set back still further,” wrote Cotton.

“One thing above all else will restore order to our streets: an overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers,” he continued. “But local law enforcement in some cities desperately needs backup, while delusional politicians in other cities refuse to do what’s necessary to uphold the rule of law.”

But of course, everyone (on the left) knows that the proper reaction to this destruction and violence is to take a knee, swear allegiance to Black Lives Matter, and abolish the police. And a certain cohort of New York Times staffers are so certain of this bizarre logic that they ripped The Grey Lady for betraying their cause with another point of view.

“Running this puts Black @NYTimes staff in danger,” tweeted dozens of Times staffers.

“Surreal and horrifying to wake up on the morning of June 4 – the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown – to this headline,” wrote Times China correspondent Amy Qin.

Shaken by the backlash, Times editorial page editor James Bennet took to Twitter with an insipid “Guys, we’re on your side” plea.

“The Times editorial board has forcefully defended the protests as patriotic and criticized the use of force, saying earlier today that police too often have ‘responded with more violence — against protesters, journalists and bystanders.’ We’ve also crusaded for years against the underlying, systemic cruelties that led to these protests,” he wrote.

Alas, in the Era of Woke, you’re either 100% on the side of the revolutionaries or you’re a fascist. Just goes to show once again: If you’re as far to the left as you can possibly go, everything else is “right-wing.”

Written by Andrew

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