Joy Behar: Trump Rally is “Ten Times Worse” Than Packed BLM Protests

The resident fool of “The View,” Joy Behar, said this week that President Donald Trump’s decision to hold a campaign rally in Tulsa, OK on Saturday is much more dangerous than the packed Black Lives Matter protests that have transpired in nearly every major U.S. city over the past three weeks. Behar, who has never stumbled upon an anti-Trump talking point that she doesn’t immediately fall in love with, hopped on her highest, most hypocritical horse as she condemned the president for resuming his rallies.

“He only cares that you come and supply kudos to his massive ego,” Behar said. “He won’t even give you health insurance if you get sick. Why are you going? Why?”

Did the organizers of Black Lives Matter “give health insurance” to people who poured onto the streets to join their protests?

“The rally for Trump is indoors,” Behar continued. “The protesters are out in the streets and most of them are wearing masks, I notice, even though a lot of them are not. And they should be, but the indoor situation is ten times worse and much more dangerous. That’s all. It’s completely different.”

Behar, it is worth noting, is not an epidemiologist. She is not a scientist of any kind, as far as we’re aware. Therefore, she cannot say with any authority whether it is “ten times worse” to congregate indoors as opposed to outdoors as far as the coronavirus is concerned. It seems intuitively correct to say that this disease spreads more rapidly indoors, but it is far from a proven fact.

“You’re inviting 60,000 people to a rally where … masks are optional,” said co-host Sunny Hostin. “They very well may be infected with a life-ending virus. I just think it’s – he’s a menace.”

Hostin, another genius, has had nothing to say about the “life-ending” risks of participating in the Black Lives Matter protests.

To her credit, Meghan McCain called her fellow panelists out on their hypocrisy.

“The message from the media is as long as you are protesting something or going to a rally that is of the right politics, you can do it and we’ll ignore the spread of COVID,” McCain said. “So going to a Trump rally is somehow more dangerous than going to a rally in Brooklyn over the weekend. We have to be consistent on this. And what we’re seeing is a lot of anger festering up. When you’re seeing people who are now taking it into their own hands and going and opening up playgrounds in Brooklyn because de Blasio won’t let them, but at the same time hundreds of thousands of people can go protest in Brooklyn. The messaging is very confusing for people.”

Confusing? Yeah, you could use that word. Rage-inducing might be a better one.

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